Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Family Dinners {SOL 2-17-15}

Sunday dinners are a pretty big deal for my family.  It is how we end one week and begin another.

When I was younger, I remember Sunday afternoons with family gathered around.  Football games were on TV, cousins played, parents drank their Old Fashioneds.

And there was talk.

Lots and lots of talk.

I come from a pretty loud family.  We like to argue.  In our family, there is the feeling that he or she who is loudest is the most right.  It's just the way it is. It's not mean or anything, it's just the way we communicate apparently.

This past Sunday, we gathered at my aunt's house to celebrate my uncle's 75th birthday.  As usual, there were cousins playing, parents drinking Old Fashioneds, and golf (not football) on TV.  And there was talk with some arguing mixed in.  

          "...Nathan, be nice to your sister..."
       "...How's Nancy?..."
           "...Oh no....mom never did it that way..."
        "....I want to sit by Kara's boyfriend...."
    "....If you want to go to that sleepover tonight, you will eat your lasagna...."

As I sat at the dinner table, I took a moment to listen to the conversations going on simultaneously around me.  I thought to myself that to an outsider, this must appear like pure chaos, all this talking going on at the same time.

But then I thought, this is family.  This is my family.  These conversations are the weaving of a blanket that covers us all, holds us together, and keeps us warm.

I love that.


  1. How great that your family has such strong (albeit loud!) connections! I know that many of us long for similar family gatherings!

  2. My favorite part of growing up! I miss this, and keep wondering how I can recapture this for my own children. Thanks for sharing. :) This made me smile.

  3. Because we all are often far from each other, it's hard to mimic those family gatherings. I remember them well, every weekend we traveled to grandparents, argued (often got out the encyclopedia), played with the little cousins, etc. Good memories there, Jennifer!

  4. Sunday dinners are a favorite of mine too. I love your word choice- comparing them to a blanket that weaves together, warms and covers. It is a wonderful image.

  5. You brought me back to the Sundays of my childhood!!! Living far from family means I don't have loud Sundays anymore and I do miss them!! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Beautiful! These Sunday memories will knit you close together for always.

  7. Beautiful! These Sunday memories will knit you close together for always.

  8. Your last paragraph is the best! The conversations weaving the blanket that covers all of you. Beautiful! You are certainly blessed.

  9. Love the way you describe the conversations as a blanket. This is the blessing of living near family, you are truly blessed.

  10. I love these kinds of dinners. So much talk, you barely know who is talking to who anymore. Your description is spot on. And you're right, that IS family.


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