Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Roots {SOL 4-14-15}

The weather was perfect this past weekend.  Highs in the 60's and sunny skies -- perfect weather for getting outside after a long winter of household hibernation.

I'm excited to see my tulips and daffodils poking their heads up through the earth.  I can hardly wait until they add their beautiful colors to the landscape.  It will be soon.

Spring is also the perfect time to get some weeding done.  I have to laugh when I think that one of the first plants to show its face in the early spring are dandelions.  Those things are invincible!  However, the recent spring rains made the soil just right for weeding.  I crouched down, grabbed the spiky leaves of the dandelion and pulled.  With little effort, it popped right out. I was satisfied.

Next I moved on to the puffs of grass that have made their appearance.  I hate having grass growing in my flowers, but in the middle of summer it is hard to get rid of it because the soil is so hard and dry.  But not now.  One gentle pull will often yield a long string of roots with grass shoots that haven't even emerged yet.  I follow this root for as long as I can, careful not to break it.

In the end, I am satisfied with my efforts.


  1. I loved reading this quiet and peaceful Spring routine...bring on more of the warm weather!

  2. I love your word choice- household hibernation, puffs of grass (because they really do look like that during that first burst of uneven growth in the Spring). Thanks for this slice. You've motivated me to get out there and weed!

  3. We're supposed to have rain (& snow maybe) in the next few days. I'm hoping by the weekend that I can do some of that 'wet ground' weeding. It's time!

  4. Love this…. I am planning on weeding this weekend and you have given me a whole new outlook on it! Can't wait!!


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