Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Home Alone {SOL 5-19-15}

My husband and two children were on a band trip to Ohio this past weekend, leaving me home alone to take care of our two dogs.

Home alone.


Since becoming a wife and mom, how often is it that I find myself in complete 'aloneness'?

The silence in the house was both sweet and deafening at the same time.  I could actually hear myself think.  But I also missed hearing my kids share a funny story from their day or one of my husband's jokes.

Meal time was interesting.  Not wanting to cook just for myself and not wanting to go out alone, I settled on ordering carry out on Saturday night and ate it on the deck in the company of my two dogs and the barn swallows that flew overhead.

I cleaned the house on Saturday morning....and it actually stayed clean for once.  I didn't have to remind anyone to remove their books from the kitchen table or to put their dishes in the dishwasher.

I fell asleep in the deck chair at 7:00 on Saturday night.  I awoke to the ring of my cell phone at 9:00.  It was my daughter, checking in after a long day of playing music and playing at the amusement park they visited after the band competition.  It was good to get her call.

My family returned at 2:00 on Sunday afternoon.  When I went to pick them up at the school, I was early.  I missed them.


  1. You described this feeling perfectly! I love that you arrived early to meet them. So sweet!!! I'm glad they are home.

  2. You had a little gift both times, Jennifer, the alone time that was good to savor, then the homecoming celebration. Nice to hear!

  3. I loved how you described the silence as "both sweet and deafening." Thank you for sharing:)

  4. An occasional bit of alone time is never a bad thing. It makes you appreciate the together time so much more. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend.

  5. The rare moments I've had alone since becoming a mom always paralyze me at first. Frozen in indecision. Do I clean up? Read a book? Take a nap? What does one do when they're alone?

    Glad you enjoyed your time.

  6. We all need alone time, don't we. But it's nice when they get back, because we do miss them.

  7. I am never alone. Our days/nights are filled to the brim, but I agree that while it is exhausting it is also a joy. We try to remind ourselves that we are living the dream ….and we will be board in 5 years. Thanks for sharing


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