Saturday, November 5, 2016

Simple Celebrations

I sit here this morning, thinking of the events from this past week that were noteworthy enough to write about in this celebration post.  There is nothing BIG that comes to mind, so instead I will write small and simple today:

This week, I celebrate:
   * Cinnamon
   * New pens
   * Figuring out my lesson plans
   * An offer of strawberries
   * Water
   * After work walks
   * Kids helping others
   * Student discussions
   * Falling leaves
   * Apple scented candles
   * Friendship

The lesson? Big or small, all celebrations count.


  1. Celebrations COUNT! What a lovely pairing of words. I wish we could have an after school walk together.
    Happy writing,

  2. Yes, the big and small, all celebrations count. This is why I write every Saturday even though sometimes I don't know how to write about my week or what exactly to celebrate. From your list the cinnamon, strawberries and apple scented candles stand out the most.

  3. Absolutely the big and small are always worth celebrating. I typically love the smaller celebrations more. My favorite is cinnamon, new pens and friendships.

  4. I love reading your list, and imagining what each word brings to mind, Jennifer. Celebrating big and small is something everyone can do. You've given us something to look for every day!

  5. Yes they do and I am always amazed at how reading the celebrations of others gives me so much.

  6. Here's another vote for big and small celebrations - we count on them!

  7. "After work walks, falling leaves, friendship." So much to celebrate in these six words! Thanks for reminding us that celebrations are all around us every day.

  8. All celebrations count. Falling leaves are meant to be celebrated!


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