Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Move In Day {SOL 7-08-14}

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Move In Day

The air inside the cabin was stale and heavy, yet cool as compared to the humid July day outside.  Surely, the light of day hadn't found its way inside since last summer when the final troop of boys left.  We opened the side door to let a cross breeze in and fresh air slowly pushed the old musty air out. 

The nine bunk beds lined up like soldiers along the side walls, their plastic mattresses yellowing and cracking from age. Soon they would be covered with air mattresses and sleeping bags and (hopefully) fitted sheets to protect the sleeping boys from their grimy surfaces.

This was move in day.

On Sunday, I dropped my son, Ryan, off at camp and unloaded his worldly belongings into the cabin where he will be spending the next four weeks working as a camp counselor for the Boy Scouts. He will share this space with five other boys.  I am sure that over the next five weeks they will become good friends, if not out of shared interests, then out of necessity.

To a mom (who doesn't like camping), this was no Holiday Inn.  The spider webs in the dusty corners confirmed this.

But to the six boys, this was heaven.

 They quickly set up their beds, plugged in the radio, and made this space into their shared home. Perhaps that is what holds the magic for the boys -- this is not home.  These boys are experiencing their first extended time away from the comforts of home, practicing for their life in the real world.

For this mom, this time will come too soon.

I kissed Ryan goodbye and headed out to my car. Alone. As I drove away, I couldn't help but remember what life was like to be 16.  So many possibilities, so much adventure.

Luckily, he'll be home for a visit this weekend and this mom will have her baby back, if only for a few days.


  1. Lovely post. When I was sixteen, I started working as a lifeguard and swim instructor. I was a pretty shy kid and it gave me such confidence. Your Ryan will surely come home more grown up, but he will always be your baby.

  2. Bravo Mom! You are giving your son his wings and he will fly home ;)

  3. Your Ryan has what he needs - room to grow and learn independence, and a Mom who will always be there to celebrate and reassure. He is lucky!

  4. What a great experience for your son! You are right, so many possibilities and adventures when you are sixteen.

  5. Wonderful to hear about, especially your ability to let Ryan fly into his own world, Jennifer. What a great time they will have! My son spent many summers as a Scout, then counselor, then head of the camp. He's now a career Scout-how time flies.

  6. Bravo! I truly enjoyed your story!

  7. What an exciting time for your son!
    Sounds like he has an incredible mom!


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