Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Beauty of Summer {SOL 7-01-14}

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We are just coming off a very long, cold winter.  Out here in the country where I live, the white blanket of snow stretched out for miles on end.  When the wind blew, the snow came to life. It whirled and twirled and tried to find a new place to rest.  (This place usually turned out to be the street where I had to drive over it.)
(Here is Rosie looking out the window this past winter. No signs of life to be found!)

There are two things I miss in the winter.

One is the light.  The shorter days of sunshine really get to me.

The other is color, especially the color of my flowers.

Behind my house, I have grown a perennial garden where I can enjoy it from my kitchen window.  After the snow thaws in the spring, tulips and daffodils push through the earth to announce that the season of hibernation has ended.  

I wait for these days.

After the tulips, the purple stalks of the Delphinium reach skyward.  They are visited through out the day by honeybees and hummingbirds who drink from their sweet bellybuttons.
Next come the sweet pink coneflowers, their brown pincushion centers and soft pink petals providing food for the yellow finches that flit around them all day long. These beauties arrive around the 4th of July and withstand the heat of summer without complaint.

Finally, around the end of July, the Black Eyed Susans bloom.  These blossoms last almost until fall, when my garden goes back to sleep for another season.

Today was one of those days when I had a few minutes to sit and take in my garden.  It is beautiful!

May you find a few moments to take in the beauty of life today!



  1. Your words are filled with as much color as the garden. Wonderful descriptions of the beauty that surrounds you (even the winter). Such beautiful flowers!

  2. Jennifer,
    Like you, I love the color of spring/summer. I watch our daffodils, then the yellow iris, followed by the orchids then lilies, the cone flower and then the August lily. I don't have any delphinium, but after seeing your picture will be on the lookout for it. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your color walk with us.


  3. There is something so beautiful and restorative about gazing at the color of flowers.Reading this I could feel your joy and it inspired me to think someday I might become a gardener, too!


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