Saturday, December 12, 2015

Celebrating Taking a Chance {Celebrate This Week 12-12-15}

Thank you to Ruth Ayres for gathering all of these celebrations each week.

Lately, I have tried to be more of a risk taker in my teaching.  When I first started teaching eight years ago, I taught the way I was taught...sage on the stage, keeper of knowledge, lots of worksheets.  But times have changed and I have learned that this style of teaching is not what's best for my students.  I needed to let go and let THEM lead.

This week I did just that.

This past week was Hour of Code, a week dedicated to setting aside only one hour to let students learn the art of computer programming and coding.  My principal asked me if I was going to participate.  Fear and panic overtook me....I don't know anything about coding, I thought.

But I decided to take a chance.

I muddled my way through setting up student accounts on, found a tutorial, and let my students 'have at it.'

The results....were simply amazing.

We coded every day!  Students helped each other figure out what to do if they got stuck.  The room was absolutely silent during coding time because there was 100% engagement only to be followed by moans as I announced the ending of coding time.

I couldn't have asked for a better learning opportunity for my 4th graders.

I'm so glad I decided to let go, take a chance on something new, and let my students lead each other.

What are you celebrating this week?


  1. I would have freaked out, too, about an hour of code, but kids take to it like ducks to water. A new generation!

  2. Isn't it wonderful when you take a chance and see this kind of result? I didn't do the Hour of Code this week, but I have done something similar in other years. It is so fun! Have a great week!

  3. Great to hear, and the students do lead, no fears there! I'm glad that it worked out so beautifully, Jennifer.

  4. Hurray for you-- taking such a big risk! I have been reading lots about coding online recently, and I feel like I need to learn more about it. Are you doing the tutorials too?

  5. Kudos for stepping out of that comfort zone! Learning from being engaged is the best!

  6. Your risk-taking was a wonderful learning opportunity for you and your students. I am glad that everything went very well.

  7. Coding is so out of my element too, but after trying it, I can see how giving students time to try it really shows there are other ways of thinking! Glad it was a great experience!

  8. Love that you did this! Our kiddos got the opportunity to do this at recess. I'm hoping to try it too

  9. Congrats on leaping into water that was new for you. And your students led the way. I learned a long time ago to share the reins, even turn them over, when it came to technology learning. They loved teaching me new things, and I loved learning from them.

  10. Good for you, Jennifer. I can see how engaged your students are through the lens of the camera. Congratulations!

  11. I did Hour of Code with 1st through 5th grade (apps for 1st & 2nd) and for olders. We also had a fantastic time with it. They help each other when they can and learn so much. I'm glad it was a positive experience. :)


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