Saturday, December 19, 2015

Many Tiny Things {Celebrate This Week 12-19-15}

I have many tiny things to celebrate this week:

My husband, Jeremy, is learning to fly.  He has taken many lessons and is ready for his first solo flight.  While the thought of this scares the pants off of me, it is also is awesome to see his childlike excitement over this new adventure.

Holiday season is musical concert season!  Two holiday concerts and one Pep Band game kept me out at night, but I loved seeing the kids enthusiasm for their music.

Speaking up about something that you feel is wrong is not easy, but this week, I put on my brave big girl pants and did just that.

We are reading A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park for our read aloud and my students can't get enough of it.  Not the likely choice among 4th graders, they are recognizing that there are many amazing books outside of their regular reading repertoire. (And I am loving that it is nonfiction!)

Today, we are heading down to Chicago to see the lights and windows.  It has been MANY years since we've done this and I am very excited.

Wishing you many celebrations this week!


  1. OK...your husband is learning to fly when your OLW is FLY?!?!? WOW!!!! I love A Long Walk to Water!! Have you read Home of the Brace by Katherine Applegate? A great pairing! Enjoy your trip to Chicago. I've never been there. So excited to see your celebration post this morning! YOU are mentioned in my post. Hope you stop by!

  2. Life is about celebrating, What a week for you I would be scared too but want an amazing fun experience for your husband. It's not always easy to put on our big girls pants but sometimes it has to be done. Congrats!!

  3. Wow, learning to fly is a very big deal. Best wishes to your husband, Jennifer. Congrats for stepping up and saying what is right. It isn't easy, but at least feels good that you said what you thought. And have a great time in Chicago. The sights there at this time of year must be gorgeous.

  4. Enjoy Chicago. I can't even imagine how beautiful that city must be during the holiday season.


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