Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ten Things I Love About 64 Degree Days in March {#SOL16 Day 8}

On Monday, the temperature rose all the way up to 64 degrees.  Time to celebrate!

Ten Things I Love About 64 Degree Days in March:

1.  Extra recess...just because.

2.  Sleeping with the window cracked open (just a little bit!)

3.  Everyone was in such a good mood for a Monday.

4.  Going for a walk when I got home.

5.  The tulips had a major growth spurt today.

6.  The sound of the neighbor kids outside playing.

7.  Lots of different bird calls.  The Red Winged Blackbird was especially wordy today.

8.  Stopping to notice the sound of a babbling brook and the sight of the water rushing over the pebbles.

9.  Riding home with the car windows cracked (just a little bit!)

10.  No heavy winter coat.


  1. Spring is coming....it's soooo exciting!!! YAY!!!

  2. This list reminds me of taking a poetry walk or writing walk with my students. Today is another warm day - try writing outside!

  3. These warmer days have been a treat and I hope not a tease! I too am devouring these warmer days!

  4. Wow! Reading this, I could feel the warm sun and that wonderful feeling that Spring is in the air! Thank you!

  5. I hear we're getting on of those days on Thursday. I really hope so. It snowed just a bit yesterday and that didn't feel right. I think some of the reason Spring is such a big deal for us (and you) is that we have such dramatic seasons.

  6. Warm days in March, yes! Enjoy and savor it for the next blustery day that is sure to come.

  7. My favorite is no heavy coat. We had a little cold & rain (hurrah) yesterday, but now will be back warm. Green is on its way!

  8. This week has really been amazing hasn't it??! I love how everyone continued to be super happy and cheerful today. I LOVED not wearing a winter coat and being able to have my sun roof open.


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