Saturday, March 26, 2016

Traditions {#SOL16 Day 26/Celebrate this Week}

I have good memories of decorating Easter eggs from when I was younger.  Sitting around the kitchen table, we would swirl eggs into the oil dyes, careful not to get the dye on our hands because it would take days to come off and make our fingers sticky. (Anyone else remember this kind of dye?)
Last night, my daughter Kara, her boyfriend Zach, and our German daughter Hannah decorated our Easter eggs for Sunday.

At first, Hannah kinda rolled her eyes when I asked her to help.

I think she thought I was kidding.

She said they don't really decorate eggs in Germany.  (Really???)

Well, lucky for her, she wasn't in Germany and would get to experience the sheer joy of dipping an egg into a cup of colored water.  I handed her an egg.

Hannah's Green Bay Packers egg -- SO proud of her!
She and Zach had a little competition to see who could make the reddest egg.  (Zach won.)

I'm not sure why we still decorate Easter eggs, other than it's the tradition on every Good Friday.

We don't hide them, hunt them, and some years we don't even eat them.  (This is usually because I forget them when we go to my mom's for brunch.)

All I know is that for as long as my kids are home for Easter, there will be eggs.

For that, I celebrate.


  1. As empty nesters, I miss this tradition. Your Easter eggs look glorious!

  2. Holiday traditions are so important. It's something we carry with us wherever we go. Beautiful eggs!!!!

  3. In recent years, the dyed eggs become deviled ones-Yum! I haven't done it lately, but we also used to blow out the eggs so we could keep them. Love the pics, & that Hannah had a good time, too. Happy Easter, Jennifer to all the family!

  4. Let there be eggs! It is those traditions that your kids will carry with them forever. And now your German daughter - I love that! - will carry this memory with her too.

  5. We have always done it too, but not yet this year. Our exchange students have done it also. It's fun to have traditions.

  6. Jennifer, today was my getting ready for Easter day but I did not get to color eggs. I had planned to make Italian Easter bread with dyed eggs but ran out of time. The box of speckled egg dye is sitting on my counter. I have to say your eggs look lovely. Enjoy Easter!

  7. I've been decorating Easter eggs every Good Friday since I can remember. This year, I wasn't home, so we did them today. Hudson did such a great job and had so much fun! It's something that I would look forward to each year, and now I will again! I think you can never be too old to do them. Love that you still do!


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