Saturday, March 25, 2017


On Thursday, my mom had knee replacement surgery. Being her main caregiver, I was with her from check-in through discharge.

It first started in the pre-op room with the prep nurse. She was going over my mom's vitals and asking about contact information.

"Is your sister here your main emergency contact?" she asked.

My mom and I looked at each other. Sister?  My mom laughed.

"No, I'm her daughter," I told the nurse.

"Oh my gosh, you're kidding!" the nurse replied, blushing.

Later after the surgery, her doctor came out to talk to me in the waiting area.

"You must be Janet's sister," he began.

I literally grunted.

"No....she's my mom," I told him with a tiny bit of aggravation in my voice.

"Oh, jeez, you both look so much alike! I'm really sorry," the doctor went on.

When we got up to her room after surgery, there were three nurses busy getting her settled. I told my mom the story of her doctor asking me if I was her sister.

"You're not?" one of the nurses asked me.

Now, this was getting ridiculous....But my mom was loving it.

At discharge on Friday, the pharmacist walked in with my mom's medications.  "Whoa...." She paused in the doorway, looking back and forth between us. "Are you twins?"

I kid you not.

My response: "Yes. Yes we are."


  1. That's adorable! I think that just means that you won't age from this point - since you seem to have inherited your mother's looks!

  2. I know on your end you are not appreciating the comments. My husband has the same issue when he's with his father. He's not too happy about it either. Guess your daughter has this to look forward to when she's your age. You both look great! Your mom's on the left right? Just kidding!

  3. Sweet for your mom. Hope your mom has a smooth recovery. Glad you are with her. It will make a big difference.

  4. I enjoyed your sweet story.I hope your mom is healing and recovering quickly. You do look like twins!

  5. Yes, you look like twins! That's exactly what I thought when I saw this picture. But I am in the same boat as you. This happens all the time with me and my mother. People even see me out and think I'm her! It makes me crazy! Then I've had people think I am my dad's wife (my mother). I'm like, no I'm his daughter! Either I look old or they look young. I vote for the latter. It's wonderful that you take such good care of your mother...sister. ;)

  6. Striking! But I really had to laugh because my daughter and I get that. Once, a sales clerk asked if we were twins --she was about 17 at the time. I loved it; she was kind. :)

  7. I saw you share on FB, but this is even more. Your mom does look very young, and that doesn't mean you look old at all. She must have been a child bride, right?

  8. Wow! I see why they asked you this all day! Hope she is doing well!

  9. Wow - you are both beautiful. I wish you well - make her do her PT!

  10. I love how you finally give in at the end, breaking the pattern that your explanations had set throughout the rest of the piece. It is a great craft and makes for a satisfying ending.

  11. How sweet - so glad she is on the mend and that you gave in to the fun of this "mistaken" identity issue!

  12. I hated it when my sister (9 years older than me) would be mistaken for me when we were in college at the same time. She was there getting a teaching degree. She loved it, but I hated it. This past year when I visited her in CA, someone at the grocery store asked if we were twins. Here's to a quick recovery from knee surgery for your sis, I mean mom!

  13. Love those big smiles on both of you, regardless of age!


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