Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Scardey Dog {SOL 4.04.17}

It's been awhile since we've had a good thunderstorm around here.

But the other night, we had just that.

I do love a good storm, as long as I'm inside and can listen to the rain pound on the skylights in my office. (It makes for an awesome writing soundtrack.)

My dog, Rosie, on the other hand, is not a fan.

Long before a storm starts, she is pacing and panting. She's better at predicting a bad storm than most weather forecasters I know.

Let's just say Winn-Dixie has nothing on her.

She paces. She races. She is unsettled and inconsolable.  She climbs all over me. All over the sofa. All over my other dog, Toby, who can't even hear the storm because he is deaf.
Rosie asking to get up on my lap - where she will stay for about 2 seconds before hopping back down.

I pet her, rub her ears, talk calmly to her.

Nothing works.

Even when she finally makes her way onto my lap, she won't settle down. Her claws grip into my thighs. Her body shakes.

And this is all before the first drop of rain even hits the ground.


  1. Oh no, poor Rosie! Leo was like this and Bella used to hide under the bed. She's grown out of it. It's so hard when you can't explain it to them. Hope it's a sunny day for Rosie today!

  2. My moms dog is the same way. She shakes and pants and sits on your lap. She senses the storm coming too and then when it happens the poor dog can't stop shaking or panting. I feel so bad for her.

  3. Bless dear little Rosie's heart! I can just imagine the scene before the storm and the sense of relief that she has after the storm. You're a good mom to her.

  4. Shes adorable! I hope she is okay and that the weather is nice to her today!


  5. Sometimes my dog shakes during thunder storms. Have you tried a thundershirt? My daughter's dog has one and it works for him.


  6. I don't have a dog, but I have 3 cats that are not fond of thunder storms. They will even share under-the-bed space, something they would not normally do, during the height of the storm.

  7. There is evidence that animals can also 'feel' earthquakes coming. If your cat tries to leave town (like in San Fran), they say you should leave too. We've had a dog like your Rosie. There just seems to be nothing to do to console. They must feel something very different than we do. Glad that you like the rain! We had wet, wet snow overnight. Everything will be so green when it melts!

  8. Aw, poor Rosie!! My friend's dog often runs away during storms! Rosie is very cute, hopefully the weather will cooperate with her.

  9. awww so cute! our dog is terrified of everything!

  10. Ohh, ohhh, poor Rosie! I remember being pretty terrified of thunderstorms with the streaks of lightning when I was a kid. I suppose that is why "Thunder Cake" by Patricia Polacco is a favorite.

  11. I love dogs and dog stories. I have hear there is a "storm jacket" for dogs that they can wear to feel more secure. Have never tried it - our three dogs pay no attention to storms but when I was a child, thunder sent our long-haired dachshund mix behind the toilet and he would NOT be moved until it was over!

  12. My pup Cassie was just like Rosie! She would pace before the storm would start, even if it was just rain. Then, once the thunder started, she would squeeze herself behind the couch, stuck between the couch and the wall, and stay there. I think she liked the pressure. We even talked to the Vet and got puppy-Valium, but it did nothing. Poor Rosie!

  13. Who knew there were such things as thunder shirts and storm jackets? Poor, scared Rosie. And your last line is the best!


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