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Welcome to my writing blog!  Thank you for stopping by.

I am a fourth grade teacher in southeastern Wisconsin.  This is my 7th year teaching fourth grade and I love it! I love that every day is a new day and there is an opportunity to learn something new.

I've loved writing ever since I was little.  I can remember writing books about my dog, Sam, and binding them together by weaving yarn through the holes of the notebook paper.  How I wish I still had these writing artifacts, now that I am an adult....

In 2013, I had the lucky opportunity to participate in the UW-Milwaukee Writing Project.  It was an experience that changed my life and reignited my love of writing.

Writing is a solitary act.  Most of the time, it is just the writer and the pen (or keyboard, depending on your preferences).  It can get lonely.  However, the world of blogging has opened up new friendships and support for each other as we write and share our thoughts and words. I have developed some amazing friendships with fellow bloggers through my teaching blog, Mrs. Laffin's Laughings.  Mrs. Laffin's Laughings is where I share my lessons and resources from my classroom.  Sweet Writing Life is where I share more of my thinking and reflections from outside the classroom.  I know that sometimes it is difficult to separate these things from my teaching, but I really feel that these are two separate things that live inside my heart and need their own space.

Aside from writing, I enjoy art journaling and gardening.  I recognize that these are also solitary acts, but they offer me the downtime to grow ideas for my writing.

I can't forget to mention my family! I have been married to Jeremy for 19 years.  He is amazing!  He supports all of my crazy ideas and understands my need for growth.  My two children, Ryan and Kara, are in high school and are also the loves of my life.  They are each incredible in their own ways. I know the day is coming soon when they will each fly away from the nest and this mama bird is just enjoying the time we all have together.


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