Sunday, July 26, 2015

Links I Loved This Week {7-26-15}

Here are some of my favorite ideas, inspirations and thoughts from around the internet this week:

The always inspiring Ruth Ayres opens up her teaching treasure chest as she shares some amazing ideas to help support teachers of writing, as well as teachers who write.  I especially love the Lessons for Writers page!

Jon Gordon shares why we all need people in our life who help us stretch in this week's newsletter. Who do you have in your life who can give you that extra push when you need it?

Loved Melanie's ideas for building my own Reader's Notebook to help me teach this skill to my students.

Mary from Teaching with a Mountain View has compiled a list of great back to school activities.  Who says going back to school can't be fun?

Kathleen Sokolowski shares a beautiful poem about how her career as a teacher chose her, not the other way around.  There are lots of us who can relate to her sentiments.

The Positive Writer shares the four people you must have in your writing life.  Honestly, I think this applies to life in general, not just our writing lives.

Thank you to Elisabeth Ellington at The Dirigible Plum for the inspiration of this weekly post!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

One Step Ahead {SOL 7-21-15}

Teenagers argue.  It's in their DNA, I think.

They are fighters and they will fight with you until they wear you down and win.

Their weapons of choice?





When did they morph from the adorable, cuddly, mom-can-do-no-wrong children into...THIS??

Day after day, I have to stay in a constant state of alertness, just waiting for my children to announce what I have done wrong, how I don't know anything, how I am ruining their lives...blah, blah, blah.

They are trying to bait me into another argument, just so they can assert their independence at the sake of my sanity.

But I have found a new way to approach these battles...

          I just don't.

It takes two people to have an argument, and lately, I am finding myself more and more unwilling to be one of them.

I have this little sign that sits on my desk.  I bought it about a year ago because I liked the saying. Now, it has extra meaning for me...
So when I feel myself getting to the point that I am getting sucked into argument mode, I go for a walk.  Usually by the time I round back toward the house, I am much calmer and clear headed and can handle the situation in a much better way.

Yesterday, I took two walks...
My kids better watch out.

I have outsmarted them again!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Just When I Needed It {Celebrate this Week 7-18-15}

I love it when life sends celebrations just when we need it the most.

This has been a rough week....

My daughter's boyfriend was in a car accident on Monday. During a bad storm, there was a malfunction with the stop lights at a busy intersection, giving everyone in all directions a green light.  I celebrate that he was able to walk away because it could have been much, much worse. Cars can be replaced.  Lives cannot.

We were approved as a host family to have Hannah from Germany stay with us for the next school year.  Unfortunately, there was a mix up with the paperwork and the school was not kept in the loop, jeopardizing Hannah's placement with us and leaving us in limbo.  I celebrate the patience I showed as the school and exchange company worked through this, even though I wanted to rant and rave which only would have made matters worse.

Writing has been a struggle for me lately.  I have not blogged or written anything for about three weeks.  I celebrate my new online writing group who will help get me back on track.  Thank you, Michelle and Leigh Anne!  :)  I saw this and it made me think of our conversation this morning:

My daughter turned 16 this week.  It is clear to me that she is no longer "my baby" and is flying out of the nest.  I celebrate the wings she has, the beautiful woman she is becoming, and the strength I am finding to let her go.

I hope life has brought you many things to celebrate this week!