Monday, March 16, 2015

Early Riser {SOL Day 16: 3-16-15}

I roll over and glance at the clock...It says 3:30am.

To some, this would be a bad thing.

To me, it is what it is.

I have found myself rising for the day around 4:00am, even on the weekends.  To me, the numbers on the clock are just that...numbers.  I am not sleepy any more, so why should I stay in bed?

There is coffee to be brewed.
Email to be checked.
Books to be read.
Exercise to be had.

I love this time of the day.  It is MY time.

People think I'm crazy to get up this early every day, but I love it.


  1. We all need this "me time" to recharge and be ready for the day. Some of us love mornings, and others use time in the evenings. Seeing each sunrise gives me such hope for a new day and new possibilities!

  2. I am with you on this one! My day does not go right unless I have my quiet time to myself in the morning, before I face countless interactions with folks in my library all day long. The silence feeds the introvert in me and allows me to act extroverted for the day.

  3. I agree with you-early mornings are the best! It's nice to have that "my" time, especially when it involves reading!

  4. Although not as early as you, I love some early morning time alone. So enjoyable!


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