Saturday, January 2, 2016

Celebrating 2015 {Celebrate this Week 1-2-16}

The week between Christmas and New Years is a time of reflection for many of us.  2015 is gone, but there are a lot of memories worth celebrating again:

* We welcomed our exchange student, Hannah, from Germany for the school year.  We love, love, love her and would love to adopt her, but her parents are not thrilled with that idea.
* In May, I helped coordinate the Cartonera Project at my school.  Each and every student published a cartonera (cardboard book) that was displayed for parents to see when they visited for Special Person Lunch and the Scholastic book fair.  We will be repeating this venture again this year (called The Cartonera Connection) and are going to try to expand it to include other schools across the country (and world?!?!).  If you are interested in more information about participating, leave me your email in the comments section and I will be in touch!  It is so much fun!!

This school year, I brought back Positive Thinking Thursday.  Each Thursday, I put a positive thought out on one of the tables in the lounge for anyone to take.  Sometimes, if I am feeling crafty, I might make something.  I'm happy to celebrate that others are taking this idea and spreading Positive Thinking Thursday to their schools as well.

Finally, I celebrate all of the wonderful connections I made and strengthened this year.  I attended All Write in Indiana in June and caught up with friends I had met there before and found some new ones as well.  I also celebrate my two long distance writing friends, Michelle Haseltine and Leigh Anne Eck and look forward to more Google Hangouts with you to discuss our writing (or not!)

Thank you, Ruth Ayres, for your continual reminder to celebrate every part of life!


  1. I love your 'cartonera' project, looks terrific, and that "thankful Thursday" idea too. I enjoy seeing what you post on FB each Thursday, didn't know you did it for your colleagues, too. That brings so much positive to the day for everyone. And I loved spending time with you, too, Jennifer. Although I'm retired, I hope I can return to All-Write this year. It is a joy. Happy New Year!

  2. What a sweet walk down memory lane! I wrote on Michelle's post this morning that we need to get back to our Saturdays..even if it is once a month. We have some catching up to do.

    1. YES!!! To both of you..YES!!! I'll email you! :)

  3. So lovely to see so many friends in these photographs - I wish I could make All Write some year soon (it falls during our last week of school, sadly). Happy New Year!

  4. I would love to make it to All-Write one year! Positive Thinking Thursday is a wonderful idea! Happy New Year!

  5. OK, I want in on the Cartonera Project. I'm intrigued. And I am in withdrawal from our Saturday morning meet-ups. We must schedule another one SOON. I'm honored to be included in your celebration post. I celebrate YOU!!!

  6. Whoo hoo, I made your blog :)
    Thanks for taking the time to celebrate your year with us. It's fun to go back and look at the good times. Looking forward to more meet ups this year - without the yucky weather!

  7. I would like more information about the Cartonera project, please. ( I love the idea for Positive Thinking Thursday. I may be stealing it!

  8. Your Positive Thinking Thursday sounds so wonderful. Seeing the pics form All Write made me envious - so many of my favorite bloggers, I wish I had been there. I think all of you should take a field trip to Estonia. Happy New Year!


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