Saturday, January 30, 2016

Digging Deep {Celebrate This Week 1-30-16}

I'll be honest...Some weeks, it is difficult to find the celebrations.  I think back, looking for some huge or life changing event from the past seven days.  When I do this, I often come up empty handed.

All the "bad" parts of the week seem to stick clearest in my memory.  Why is that?

Some week's celebrations must be the tiny moments of life.  They might slip by unnoticed, pushed out by those other memories.

            But I won't let them.

The tiny moments of celebration from my past week...

* My budget is done.

* The sun is rising a bit earlier every day.  As I write this, it is 6:35am, and I can see the streaks of light push through the sky.

* I got my car washed yesterday.  I think there was an inch of salt on it.

* January (my most unfavorite month) is almost over.

* I ordered a Carpe Diem planner and can't wait for it's arrival.

* I read two books.

* So many well wishes from friends for my birthday this past week.

* I was reminded (several times) of the reasons why I love the class I have this year.

This week's celebrations are not huge and I had to dig deep to find some of them.  But they are there.

For that, I celebrate.


  1. Tiny moments...that's where I find my best celebrations. Even in the middle of a not-so-great week, they are there if we look for them.

  2. Those little moments are important, but with your birthday, it seems to me that that's a big moment. Glad you had the little moments, too, Jennifer.

  3. January is a hard month for me too. This list made me realize that I too am happy to say goodbye to it. Have a happy week as February begins!

  4. I'm glad you didn't let the simple moments slip by unnoticed. They deserve to shine and spread that light to cover the less than pleasant times. Shine on!

  5. I love the thought of an extra minute of sunshine a day being a celebration and miraculous. Glad you found light in the week.

  6. I love the Walt Whitman quote! I'm glad you found those special moments.

  7. It's the small moments that are often the sweetest celebrations. Glad you celebrated with us today!

  8. You found the celebrations!!! That's a celebration in and of itself! You showed up!!!! I'm glad you did.

  9. There is always something to celebrate as long as we look deeply into our heart. Seize the day!

  10. I'm celebrating that the sun sets a bit later each day - what a gift. We truly are crawling out of the cave. And February is usually daffodils in our part of the world. Kudos for looking for the tiny moments. And what were the two books you read?


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