Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rude Awakening

The alarm went off at 5:07 this morning, signaling the end to the past 79 days of having it my way -- summer vacation.

I hesitated to get out of bed.  I knew once I did, it would really be over.  I smacked the snooze button, threw my arm over my eyes, and waited.  My husband lay gently snoring beside me, completely oblivious to the torment I was going through.

Maybe it was a dream.  Maybe it was really only the middle of June and I still had two glorious months ahead of me.  I mean, summer flew by so quickly that it could have been a dream, right?

No more lounging around in the morning, reading any book I could find.  No more afternoon naps, my faithful Puggle snoozing loudly by my side.  No more grabbing a snack whenever I felt hungry. 

No more summer.

I took a deep breath and decided I needed to be brave.  I mean, millions of people go to work every day.  I threw back the covers, turned off the alarm, fumbled for my slippers, and headed for the shower.

Only 189 more days to go until summer returns.

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  1. Good luck each and every of your 196 days that are left. I don't even want to count the days yet! We have been back for almost three weeks. So summer will be here sooner! Have a great school year!


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