Saturday, July 5, 2014

Celebrating Everyday Life {7-05-14}

Thank you, Ruth, for hosting this wonderful celebration of moments. 
 I love reading everyone's post and look forward to this party every week!

This week, I have been looking for celebrations in everyday life. Nothing major -- just things that I are helping me be more mindful of the wonderful life I have.

1.  I celebrate being together with my mom and Ryan at the Antioch 4th of July parade yesterday.  This has been our tradition for three years now.  

2. I celebrate going to that parade to watch my daughter, Kara, who was there with the horse facility where she rides and works.  This year, she got to ride a horse in the parade.  Usually, she just walks along, handing out flyers.  She was very excited to be able to ride this year and has been looking forward to this day for two years.  That is something to celebrate!
3. I celebrate participating in my first Twitter chat on Monday night, #talkmath, with Franki Sibberson and Colby Sharp.  Seriously, what fun!  I came away with some awesome ideas for teaching math workshop and found some new educators to add to my PLN.

4. I guess that means that I also celebrate Twitter.  I was a Twitter holdout until this summer.  I figured I didn't need it and found the whole thing kind of crazy. Boy, was I wrong!  (Celebrating the gift of reflection here!) Just from following other educators, I have learned amazing things that I never would have encountered on my own.  There is so much to be learned beyond my classroom door.  If you haven't given Twitter a try, I encourage you to do so.  You can follow me at @laffinteach if you'd like!

5. I celebrate the gift of time.  I just completed all of the "formal" PD I had scheduled for myself this summer (i.e. sitting in a classroom PD) and can now spend my time doing the PD I like best -- reading and connecting with others online.

Wishing you many celebrations this week!



  1. Love seeing the pics of you and your mother, Jennifer. You look alike! And how wonderful to ride a horse in the parade. I rode for many years & it's such a special thing. Glad you're enjoying twitter. I'll look for you, although I still don't do much with it. Have a great rest of this lovely weekend!

  2. Great to meet you Jennifer! Parade with horses? Wow, I have not seen one in a long time! Your celebration post breathes joy! Wishing you more joyful moments this summer!

  3. The parade with horses looks like a wonderful experience for your daughter. Like you, I always wondered if twitter was all it was supposed to be and I resisted joining because I'd only heard the dark side-but 2 years later, it's everything and more! I've connected virtually with many people who inspire me daily and actually been able to meet some in person too! I can't say enough good things about it!

  4. Celebration does make one more mindful of the positives in our lives. Your week was full of fun times. I'm still a Twitter stalker, but slowly catching on. I'll look for you, I'm @lcinmo.

  5. A parade with your daughter riding a horse - wow. Your Twitter experience has had a good start. @ClareandTammy will have a twitter chat about assessment (read more at that you might be interested in.


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