Saturday, June 13, 2015

Celebrating Life {6-13-15}

Thank you to Ruth Ayres for hosting this weekly celebration of life!
This week's celebrations are more like a laundry list.  There are so many things to celebrate!

This week, I celebrate:

* My peonies are finally blooming!

* Everyone in my house is now out of school for summer.

* My son has a summer job at Six Flags Great America that he loves.

* We found out that we will be hosting an exchange student from Spain for two weeks.

* On Wednesday, we ate dinner on the deck.  My husband, Jeremy, and I sat outside after and talked until it was almost dark.

* I did a little writing.

* I redesigned this blog.  Love the sunflowers!

* One more week until my sister and her family who live in Dallas arrive for a visit.

* Five more days until I leave for the All Write conference in Indiana.  (If you are going, let me know in the comments so I can look for you.  I'm soooo excited!)

What are you celebrating this week?


  1. We are the early birds today! I love the new blog! Isn't it nice to spend time outside eating, talking, and relaxing. This past week was too humid for us, but we did enjoy the week before. Yes, I will be All Write! Hopefully we can meet each other at some point. It is a busy two days! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Jennifer, I love your list of snippets. Joy resounded in each. Sitting in the deck and talking to your husband is a gem indeed. Love those moments! I will look forward to seeing you at AllWrite!!!

  3. Lists are good. I can feel the excitement of summer and celebrations in your words.

  4. LOVE my peonies too! Spending time with your family is always a celebration. I am not going to ALLWRITE this year because of family commitments. Tweet away my friends so I can learn along with you.

  5. So excited that you will be at All-Write again, Jennifer. See you there! I love the look of your blog-maybe this summer I can get something new created? Love that you had that evening on the deck-so nice to hear.

  6. First off, love the new design. So joyful.
    Everything you mention here has a loved and thoughtful feel about it. So glad you are going to All Write. Tweet and maybe blog about it later. But mostly enjoy!!

  7. I'm so happy to be outside again!
    When I do see you at All-Write, you'll have to tell me how you design your blog. I'd like to personalize mine more, but don't know how.

  8. Small moments become celebrations to savor! You will be a busy lady for the next couple of weeks. See you next week!

  9. I must get to All-Write!! The blog looks beautiful...I LOVE it! Hosting and exchange students, writing?!?! Sounds like lots to celebrate! :)

  10. Love the new blog design! I am going to All Write too! I have been so jealous of everyone for the last few years and I just made sure to make the plans to get there this year. Where in Spain is the student coming from? My husband is from Sevilla. I am sure that will be a fun experience for the whole family.

  11. What a terrific list!
    Loved the part about you and your husband talking until dark. Precious moments.


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