Tuesday, July 21, 2015

One Step Ahead {SOL 7-21-15}

Teenagers argue.  It's in their DNA, I think.

They are fighters and they will fight with you until they wear you down and win.

Their weapons of choice?





When did they morph from the adorable, cuddly, mom-can-do-no-wrong children into...THIS??

Day after day, I have to stay in a constant state of alertness, just waiting for my children to announce what I have done wrong, how I don't know anything, how I am ruining their lives...blah, blah, blah.

They are trying to bait me into another argument, just so they can assert their independence at the sake of my sanity.

But I have found a new way to approach these battles...

          I just don't.

It takes two people to have an argument, and lately, I am finding myself more and more unwilling to be one of them.

I have this little sign that sits on my desk.  I bought it about a year ago because I liked the saying. Now, it has extra meaning for me...
So when I feel myself getting to the point that I am getting sucked into argument mode, I go for a walk.  Usually by the time I round back toward the house, I am much calmer and clear headed and can handle the situation in a much better way.

Yesterday, I took two walks...
My kids better watch out.

I have outsmarted them again!


  1. I am sooooo not looking forward to these days! With as close as we are, and as often as we are together, it's just not going to be good! Remind me about the walk strategy in a few years!

  2. I am sure I argued with my kids when they were teenagers, but I sure don't remember it now...which is what I wrote about today! Ha! Sounds like you have a great plan and I love your sign!

  3. Oh teenagers!! I had to laugh when I saw that your strategy is go for a walk!!! A brilliant strategy, I believe, but my laughter comes from a picture you posted on Instagram. LOTS of steps!!! :) Exercise will help you in so many ways!!! Happy Walking!!

  4. I don't have my own children to argue with, but have done so with a few students from time to time! I find myself slipping into my teenage arguing mode and always want the last word with them. I have been successful at walking away a few times, but sometimes their power is too great! I need to get a sign for my desk too!

  5. Oh, I remember these years. The mantra "this too shall pass," is a good one when you can't escape for a walk.

  6. You captured the challenge of teenagers so well in your slice. I am right there with you. Living that reality and always on the lookout for new strategies. Good luck. Walks do help!

  7. Oh, the satisfaction of a good argument with mom, nothing beats this bliss- my daughter must have thought! But, why now 15 days before she goes off to college (4 states away) has she morphed back into that sweet, reasonable little girl full of time for mom and hugs! Just when I was feeling the break from our togetherness might be in order?!

  8. Yes, I feel your pain. I have very clear memories of thinking, "who are these kids and where have you put my kids!"
    Keep taking your walks. Remember...do not engage and The storms will pass.

  9. I survived those years with three kids - don't quite know how! Good news - it passes, it really does.

  10. I survived those years with three kids - don't quite know how! Good news - it passes, it really does.

  11. Love your sign! I'm so glad I'm past those argumentative years. It is so lovely to have adult children. Hang in there!


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