Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Like Christmas! {SOL 2-9-16}

It was like Christmas morning.

I called my fourth graders over to our reading rug.  Beside my rocking chair were three overstuffed bags.  I began telling my kids about my two days away last week at the Wisconsin State Reading Association's conference.  Some of them were listening, nodding politely to my story.

But most of them were looking at the bags.

Finally, I came to the part in my story about the vendor at WSRA who was selling all of their books for $2 each.  I went in to their booth and looked around.  I hadn't planned on spending money at WSRA, but for $2, I could pick out a few books.

I bought 19 books.

The next day as I was waiting for lunch, I went back into the vendor hall.  I found myself over by the $2 vendor and thought, "What the heck, he doesn't have many books left.  I won't buy any.  I'm just looking today" and I went in.

While I was standing there perusing the shelves (feeling very proud of myself for not putting any books in a shopping basket), the vendor announced that he didn't want to have to pack up the books so all books were now $1 for the next 20 minutes.

$1????  There went my plan of not spending more money.

I spent $58.

The students who were still listening to my story gasped.  $58 was a lot of money, they said.

It IS a lot of money except look what I got, I told them, and I began to empty the bags.

I showed them Big Nate.

I showed them Goosebumps.

I showed them Humphrey the Hamster.

I showed them Magic School Bus.

I showed them stories of pirates, gladiators, D-Day, skateboarding, and volcanoes.

Then I sat back and watched.

The conversation and energy was electric.  The oohs and aahhhhs as they examined the contents of the books were music to my ears.  Some students took a book and went off to get started reading.  Others made plans to read  books together.  Some couldn't decide.

It WAS like Christmas morning, only better.

Pure book love.


  1. Oh the joy of new books in the class, but even better the joy of books for only $1-2. A great day indeed!

  2. Your post made me smile:) On our wonder wall one of my students posted, "I wonder what books Ms. Victor will buy next?" I am known to come in many Mondays with a bag or more. Nothing like book love!

  3. Oh how I can FEEL that book love through your words and the pictures!! I love spending the day immersing yourselves into these books! YAY!!!

  4. It's my absolute favorite moment when I share books and then step back to watch. I always want to video tape it so parents and teachers and anyone else who thinks kids like tv more than books can see the sheer unadulterated adoration. Great post.

  5. I have goosebumps! How lucky those kids are that you share book love with them! Back in the day, at the Illlinois Reading Council Conference I'd do the same! That was always the best part of going, bringing back books for my kids! Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

  6. How great for you that you "wandered in". I wouldn't have passed it up either, but then the anticipation that morning for your kids, priceless, Jennifer. They won't soon forget.

  7. That's a lovely scene - goosebumps for me as well!

  8. That's a lovely scene - goosebumps for me as well!


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