Saturday, August 13, 2016

Time Flies {Celebrate This Week 8.13.16}

This has been a busy week.

My son is leaving for college a week from Monday. There is a lot of shopping we are doing to get him ready, in addition to washing laundry, packing and going over lists of things he needs.

He had his wisdom teeth pulled on Tuesday and has had a tough recovery. The mom in me is torn. On one hand, I am trying to prepare myself for letting him go as he heads off to college. On the other hand, I get stuck thinking that he is still a little kid who needs his mom to heal his hurt, make sure he takes his medications, and bring him ice packs.

It is a funny contradiction.

I am trying to focus on the celebrations instead of that sinking feeling I get when I think about sending my first born out into the world alone.

I celebrate the little boy who grew up to be a man who can set an alarm to wake up in the middle of the night to take his antibiotics and pain meds.

I celebrate the little boy who grew up to be a man who takes himself shopping to get some things he needs for school and then doesn't even ask me to pay for them.

I celebrate the little boy who grew up to be a man who still comes in to kiss his mother goodnight when he gets home from work at midnight.

I celebrate the little boy he used to be and fine young man he has become.


  1. I hope he's feeling better after the wisdom teeth. That's tough. You raised a good boy! He's off to a great adventure. Today I'm celebrating my matter how old we get, we always need our moms!!! Sending love and hugs, friend!!

  2. Jennifer, this is a bittersweet celebration. It is always difficult to set your child on a course for a life adventure away from home but it is an exciting time in the child's life. We celebrate the goodness in our children and the thought that we raised them to be wonderful human beings.

  3. Your last line says so much. This is a celebration of memories treasured and memories yet to be created. It is such a time of smiles and tears for a mom (and a son). Best wishes for you both.

  4. Tough to send them on their way, but also an important step. Doesn't make it any easier though. Love your celebrations of a responsible, independent young man. Hope the healing continues and he can put away pain meds and middle of the night alarms.

  5. Big steps - becoming independent for your son and letting go for you. I think sometimes it is harder for a mom than for the child. At least for me it was. I like how you turn this into a celebration of your son.


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