Tuesday, November 8, 2016

25 Hour Day {SOL 11.08.16}

I am always wishing I had more time in my day. (Aren't we all?) On early Sunday morning, that wish was granted as the clocks were rolled back one hour, leaving 25 hours to the day.

My mind excitedly considered the options of what to do with all this extra time. I could:

   Sleep late (Wait -- that would feel like wasting time. Strike it from the list.)
   Start a creative project
   Go for a walk
   Bake something special
   Rake leaves
   Take a nap (I don't consider napping and sleeping late to be in the same category, do you?)

As the day went on and I pondered what I would do with my extra hour (not wanting to waste it, of course), I found myself constantly rolling the time forward an hour every time I looked at the clock. I kept telling myself, "At this time yesterday, I was (eating lunch, making dinner, feeding the dogs, etc.)." It's an annoying habit that seems to stick with me for a few days after every time change.

When I went to bed, my husband said, "But it's only 8:15. Aren't you going to sleep a bit early?"

"Yes, but it feels like 9:15, which is past my bedtime," I replied, yawning. (I must have tired myself out doing all that elapsed time calculation all day long.)

What did I end up doing with my extra hour?  I spent it on Monday morning, rising super early at 4:00 am (real time) and heading down to the basement to work out. (It seemed like 5:00 am after all -- a perfectly normal time to exercise, right?)

I hope you found something exciting to do with your extra hour this weekend. We will need the memories of this longer day in the spring when we have to give it back.



  1. Your upbeat happy personality comes through in this piece! And aren't we all creatures of habit...even an extra hour add doesn't really change things, just the time we do things! I spent my extra time raking! It was a beautiful weekend for gathering leaves at the curb.

  2. So funny! I do that calculation thing too. I like how you rolled it over into the next day. It makes the extra time last longer. :)

  3. Haha! I do that thing too! I love that you used your extra time exercising. I used it writing. Well done, my friend!

  4. I do the same thing, Jennifer, and this particular day I had the granddaughters for a sleepover so my "extra" hour was not quite the same, and I used it playing with them. Love that you did the exercise, always good!

  5. Funny - that was how I spent my "extra hour" similarly, using that time to wake up and write.

  6. What a great way to spend your "extra" time! I had all intentions of "sleeping in" on Sunday but it seems like when I have the opportunity to do so, it never happens...oh well!

  7. I do the same thing, always trying to figure out in my head what the "real" time is! :-) Now that I have a toddler, I don't exactly get to sleep in anymore... I guess we kind of spent the "extra" hour at the playground? It really seemed like I just didn't get one!

  8. You're too funny! I do the same thing always, and find myself thinking of what the real time would be. We were up early on Sunday.... mostly because daylight savings doesn't really make sense to dogs or kids...ugh! I could use that nap now! :)


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