Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Sounds of Silence {SOL 12.13.16}

I prefer silence....

no TV,
no music,
no noise at all

other than the sounds of

the dryer firing up,
the dog snoring,
the click of the timer that turns on the lamp in the hall


the crunch of the snow,
the whir of the dishwasher,
the flutter of the birds meeting at the feeder


the tick of the clock,
the rocking of my chair,
the rumble my neighbor's car engine.

For if I had the TV on or music playing,
I would miss this symphony
that I call silence.


  1. The symphony of silence! Ahhhhh... I can relate. There are moments I love silence too!

  2. I can totally relate. Sometimes it's so nice to sit and just listen to the world as it settles down or wakes up. Love the poem. Thanks for sharing with all of us. :)

  3. Me too. Glad you had this gift in order to tell us about it!

  4. I rarely hear silence -- that is why I wake up early in the morning and soak in the peace. Loe this -- thank you for understanding my happy place.



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