Saturday, January 7, 2017

Celebrating the Star

Happy new year, friends!

Tuesday morning brought the return of my morning drive back to school. There's really only one way for me to take to school, After turning off my street, I turn onto a county highway that takes me toward school. I travel the same way every day.

The sun was just about to come up so it was still quite dark. Most of the homes have turned off their holiday lights by this time in January, leaving my ride lit only by the headlights of my car.

But on Tuesday morning, as I traveled down that very familiar county highway, I saw a giant lit star on top of a silo of one of the farms.

This struck me as odd.

I haven't ever seen this star before, even though I travel this road every day.

How could I have missed it?

What made me notice it that morning?

I liked this star. A lot. It was big and bright and lit up its little part of the world on this cold January morning. It made me happy.

That got me thinking -- what other joys have been right in front of me that I have been missing?

I think a lot.

So I went on a mission this week to be on the look out for little joys and gratitudes that may have otherwise slipped by me.  And you know what?  There were quite a few:

* The scent of brewed coffee when I come out of my room in the morning, thanks to the timer on my coffee pot.

* The little first graders at school who wait for me to walk with them during walking club before school starts.

* Sweet strawberries from the grocery store, even during winter.

* Cozy turtleneck sweaters on freezing cold days.

* A friend who calls me on the way to school just to chat

* My husband who makes the bed every morning

I'm sure little joys are still slipping past me, but I'm trying to be more aware, to be on the lookout for those bright stars that might have been there all along, just waiting to be noticed.

And for this, I celebrate.


  1. Sometimes stars shine brighter when they have a canvas all their own. It gives us a chance to see them for what they are - true celebrations. Such little things, such big celebrations.

  2. A mission to find joy?!?! I LOVE it! I could hear the joy bubbling over in this post! Thank you for sharing these important moments!

  3. I love that you finally saw that star that moved you on to more wonder in your life, Jennifer. Your search yielded some lovely things.

  4. Wonderful celebrations this week and all because of a star on top of a silo! Here's to finding bright stars every day. Thanks for a beautiful reminder.

  5. "That got me thinking -- what other joys have been right in front of me that I have been missing?" A mantra to which I try to live by; however when life gets too busy I forget. Thank you for the reminder.

  6. I am all for celebrating little joys. Your story of the star inviting you to search for more little joys is a beautiful one to read on Saturday.

  7. I love how this star turned on your notice button. There are always things to be grateful for. We just have to notice and sometimes we have to be knocked over and smacked. This weekly celebration helps. Thanks for noticing and for helping me to notice, too.

  8. A mission to find joy in the everyday is something worth celebrating - love the noticings you shared.

  9. "I travel the same way every day." Isn't much of life like that? And the commonness of it makes it easy to be discontented or insensitive to things that when noticed spark joy. Love your list. I think I will make one of the "little things" this week.

  10. That's it, Jennifer. You are noticing the small, ordinary joys of life that might go unnoticed. How wonderful to find joy every place. That's my OLW. Is it yours?

  11. Your post is a breath of fresh air. It's amazing what we can celebrate when we take the time and allow ourselves to be present. And yes, I get your last little moment of joy because my husband makes the bed every morning too.


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