Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Scents of Life {SOL 4.25.17}

I was walking through the health and beauty section when I saw it sitting on an end cap: A giant display of Coast Soap.

I picked up the package (16 bars!!) and deeply inhaled through the cellophane wrapping. That clean, crisp scent brought me instantly back to the days of my childhood when we showered off the remnants from spending the day playing outside or swimming in the lake with good ol' bright blue Coast Soap.  It was like I was 8 years old again. It made me happy so I bought the 16 pack.

A trip down memory also happens when I smell the smoke of blown out candles.

That scent transports me back to the days of my family birthday parties which my mom always held on the last Sunday of January. This day was always bittersweet because it marked the end of the monthlong feeling of celebration that ran from Christmas day until my birthday on January 27th. Once my birthday passed, it was back to boring old winter. The blowing out of those candles signified the end of this time. It made me feel a bit sad. Smelling the smoke of a blown out candle still makes me think of this, bringing along feelings of melancholy.

Things like the scent of certain shampoos I have used can transport me back in time. Just smelling the scent can trigger a memory of something that was going on when I last used the same shampoo.

Does this happen to anyone else?


  1. I love moments like this. A smell or even a sound can trigger a powerful memory. For me it's the smell of my mother's baking. It always reminds me of the beautiful cakes she use to make. It's funny how something so simple can stir up a memory!

  2. AquaNet hairspray...Grammy. Yes, this happens to me all the time! Love this!

  3. Yes! I love when scents remind me of a certain place or person. It makes the experience ten times more amazing!

  4. Scents are so powerful! Nozema face cream takes me back to my childhood. I love that you bought the 16 pack of Coast soap!

  5. Agree shampoo - freshman year in college, everyone used this shampoo. I don't think they make this anymore, but I can still smell it. Happy memories!

  6. Yes, smells can bring those memories. I love hearing about yours, although I've never heard of Coast soap. I don't have many that come to mind, I tend to have more that connect with tastes. Although it's not very romantic, smelling that dampish scent when I go back to a more humid place takes me back to a grandmother's root cellar, and going with her to gather cans of vegetables, etc.


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