Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Door {SOL 6.06.17}

This is the door to the classroom where I have taught for the past nine years.

Beyond this door is the classroom where I learned along with 208 fourth- and fifth-grade students.

We wrote magical stories in this room.

We learned how to divide fractions in this room.

We pursued passion projects in this room.

We went on adventures with Pax, Edward, Ally, Ada, Bud, Melody and Auggie in the books we read together in this room.

We held family meetings in this room.

We learned about explorers, space, Native Americans, the Revolutionary War, the human body systems, the Ice Age, energy and good nutrition in this room.

We learned how to solve problems, how to help each other, and the power of the word 'yet' in this room.

We made cards for sick friends and celebrated birthdays in this room.

Last week Friday, I walked through this door into this room for the final time.

I had made the decision to leave the classroom and teaching to start and grow my new business, Teach Write, last November. I had plenty of time to prepare for this day -- the last time I would walk through this door into the room that held so many good memories of the past nine years.

The last nine years have been simply amazing. I wouldn't have changed a thing.

At the end of the day, I walked back through that door and headed out, never to return.

I'm not sure what the future holds, but nine years ago when I first walked through that door into my new classroom, I didn't know either.

And it all turned out okay.


  1. What a beautiful reflection. Your passion for teaching is clear and I am sure it will help you as you set out on this new adventure.

  2. I love the way you ended it, Jennifer. Turning out 'okay' is a very good thing. Best wishes for that next door opening!

  3. I admire your passion for the work you've done and the courage it takes to open a new door. Beautiful reflection.

  4. Bittersweet! But you know that your path is leading you somewhere great. Best of luck in this new endeavor.

  5. I know commitment and determination are your success factors! I am so excited for you as you start your next journey. You were an inspiration for your students and now an inspiration for your colleagues!

  6. You can never be totally prepared... onward!!! We look forward to learning from you and with you on this new venture. Congratulations!!!
    Clare and Tammy

  7. What a moment that must've been... to walk through that door one final time.

    Best of luck to you with your new endeavor, Jennifer!

  8. The road may be different, but you will still be changing lives by the work you are doing. I love the way you reflected on all that had happened behind that door.

  9. You will never leave that room, for all the magic that you created there for your kids will inform the next stage for you, Jennifer. This will be me next year, so I read your post with special significance.

  10. So poignantly written ... and wow to your new venture! I am excited for you! Congratulations om your courage for walking through this new door; I predict it will be well worth it.


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