Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Apple Orchard, Where Have You Been? {SOL 9-9-14}

How appropriate that today's Slice of Life is about a visit to the apple orchard where you are encouraged to sample slices of apples!

There is a very quaint apple orchard near my home. I love this place so much, I would move in there if I could.
This is not your ordinary apple orchard.  Here, the apples are already picked and waiting for you in big wooden crates.  No climbing trees or fighting with bees!
This orchard features a massive variety of heirloom apples.  Bill, the orchard's owner, is probably one of the friendliest guys you'll ever meet.  He can tell you anything you want about any apple.  I love the way he labels the crates with paper plates.  His descriptions of the apples are a perfect lesson in adjectives.  Who knew an apple's taste could be "sprightly", "zippy" or "snappy"?  (The English major in me LOVES that!) 

To make the best pie, just walk around and put one apple from every bin into your bag.  Mix them up.  You won't be sorry! The pie I made on Sunday was amazing and I'm so glad....I waited all summer for it.


  1. I am jealous, Jennifer. What a fabulous place to go, & live (as you wish). I eat an apple every day & would love to go to this orchard. Time in the fall for apple tarts, right?

  2. This reminds me of the orchard we used to visit every Fall when my kids were young - perhaps it's time for another visit?!


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