Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day Poem {SOL 9-02-14}

First Day

Wake before the alarm
Here we go
Months off have refreshed me
Restored me
Relaxed me
But have they prepared me?

Multiply my anticipation
By 24
And that's a lot of responsibility
To carry
To own
To balance.

But my anticipation breeds action.

I am off --
To inspire
To nurture
To grow
(And with a little luck)
To teach.


  1. I enjoyed this window into your first day. I hope it was a wonderful one. With these reflective thoughts in your heart, your students are lucky indeed.

  2. Anticipation heightens everything, and this poem brings it all into focus. Hope you had a marvelous day with you new friends.

  3. What a beautiful embodiment of the anticipation and excitement of starting over again. Thank you for reminding me of the bright side of this!

  4. Love this first day of school poem! I can feel the enthusiasm you're bringing to those 24 kids!

  5. I love the three R's - refreshed, restored, relaxed. Should make for a wonderful year of inspiring, nurturing, growing and yes, even teaching. Enjoy the rest of your first week!

  6. I hope your first day went well - your excitement is contagious!


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