Saturday, February 7, 2015

Celebrating Beginnings {2-7-15}

It's Saturday, which means it is time to check in with Ruth and everyone else for Celebrate This Week.
This week I am celebrating new beginnings...

A new month
New creative endeavors
The sunrise coming earlier & the sunset falling later
The return of birds arguing at the bird feeder
New 'friends' for both my son & daughter (when did they grow up?)
A nomination for Elementary Teacher of the Year for my district
Each day at school is another chance
Always a new book to read

Sometimes we are so busy watching the endings that we forget to notice the beautiful beginnings happening around us.

What are your new beginnings?


  1. I love celebrating new beginnings, especially this new month! Congratulations on your Teacher of the Year nomination! That is fantastic and certainly worth celebrating! I will be heading to our library today because they just received some of the new award winners that I haven't read - always a new book to read!

  2. Congratulations on your nomination! I love new beginnings as well. Have a great week!

  3. Congrats on so many new things, and for helping us focus on the joy of beginnings. I love the earlier sunrise and later sunsets too. Kudos on your nomination for elementary teacher of the year!

  4. Hi Jennifer! I was thinking the same thing this week, that the sunlight (when we have it) is holding on just a bit longer. I can't wait until we move our clocks forward again next month!
    I'm so glad to hear we're practically neighbors! We'll have to find some time to meet for coffee at some point!

  5. Congratulations for your nomination, Jennifer. What a fabulous honor for you. I have noticed the days growing longer, so nice to enjoy some time at home before dark! I do love February, although it's very busy getting ready for our big Expo, we also have a week's break after it- a time for celebrating!

  6. I noticed the same thing about daylight. Amazing how much a little extra daylight makes us all feel so good. Congrats on your nomination!

  7. Congratulations on the nomination! What an honor! I'm in complete agreement-let's celebrate the sunlight. I've been noticing that as I leave work in the afternoon! Yesterday, I stood outside and just felt the warmth of the sun as it melted all our snow!


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