Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Snowy Sunday {SOL 2-3-15}

I am not a snow lover.

This is pretty ironic, considering I live in Wisconsin, the land of outdoor winter fun.

So far this winter, we had managed to out run Old Man Winter.  Our snow totals were pretty minimal.  

I was happy.

Then this past weekend,  Snowmageddon 2015 arrived.

It started Saturday night, snowed all day Sunday, and ended in the wee hours of Monday morning.  All in all, we totaled about 14 inches of the powdery stuff.  While this may not seem like a lot to some of you, to me it might as well have been 14 feet.

Apparently the snow plow drivers didn't get the message that they needed to get to work (or they were too busy watching the Super Bowl) because there was not one plow that went down my street between Saturday night and when I left for school on Monday morning.  Not one...

The drive to school on Monday morning was very interesting, but I made it.  My own children had the day off of school on account of the weather, but not me.  We had to call the neighbor (who had a snow plowing business) to come and plow out our driveway because our tractor with the plow broke. (Of course it did!)  Then my neighbor was kind enough to plow our road so we could all get out.  He definitely wins the Good Neighbor Award!
Winter is beautiful, but I just wish it wasn't so....wintery.


  1. Sounds like we have been having the same winter here in Vermont. Hardly any snow, and then lately a bunch. We caught this same storm after if left you. Still was able to drop 12 inches here, on top of our base. Snow days can be a bit hit and miss here too, as the mountains and rivers create so many micro-climates...but this one was an all state miss. Here's to neighbors...and the one fewer days you will have to make up at the end of the year.

  2. early....sometimes I think I shouldn't type early in the morning. Please correct if to *it, and I meant and all state hit, not miss. :-)

  3. I'm surprised you haven't had more way up there, Jennifer. I guess you've caught the edge like we have. This time we had about 7 inches, but the weatherman said just a dusting-surprise! Love that final sentence "wish winter wasn't so wintery!".

  4. Love that last sentence, too - especially as we prepare for yet more snow!

  5. I to am surprised that this was your first real snowfall.Such a lovely picture.

  6. Jennifer I am actually in awe of my online buddies who contend with "real" winter and snow. It is a wonder to me how everyone adapts and carries on. In my Southern California home (except for the local mountains) these concepts are foreign. I loved your confession. Enjoy the beauty and kindness of neighbors.

  7. Oh my, you still had school? Yuck! I'm tired of the snow/cold days, but I was still relieved to not have to leave. And I have to say, Wisconsin snow plows are the worst! We drive up to Pleasant Prairie everyday for my daughter's swim team and as soon as I cross the state line, there is a noticeable difference! I'm waiting for April to come :)

  8. Wow, Jennifer,
    I can't believe you still had school. We were off but I think it was mainly because of the ice blend...we only got about 8 inches. I am hoping spring comes early despite mr groundhog's predictions....I saw the one mayor in WI was bitten by the town rodent on the ear...poor guy. Stay warm!


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