Saturday, April 4, 2015

Celebrating this Week {4-04-15}

I'm glad to be back with Ruth Ayres and everyone else to celebrate this past week.

This week was exactly what I needed...

* I was on spring break.  What did I do?  A whole bunch of NOTHING and it felt great!  OK, that's not necessarily true.  I did do a few things, but they were just what I wanted to do and nothing else. :)

* My son, Ryan, comes home today from spending his spring break in France.  It was a really crazy week for him that began with a cancelled flight and ended with a cancelled flight.  Luckily, this last cancellation worked out in his favor and he will be home about seven hours earlier than expected.  I am really looking forward to having him home.  I have missed him, but I won't miss are those middle of the night text messages because of the seven hour time difference.
* I am also celebrating the return of my daughter's boyfriend, Zach, who was in Spain for 12 days.  Although we all missed him, it was very nice to have my daughter's full attention for those 12 days.  The one thing that I enjoyed the most was seeing how much this relationship has made her mature and mellow out a bit.  Their relationship is built on a strong friendship and that has made a world of difference.
* This week, I also finished reading Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper.  Have you read it?  If not, you MUST!  I loved it so much, I am going to reread it as my read aloud when we get back to school.
* Finally, spring has sprung!  I giggled with joy when I saw these babies pop up in my front yard:

I hope you had lots of things to celebrate this week as well!


  1. You are in the company of quite the world travelers. How exciting for them! Love that spring is finally "springing." We are seeing pieces of it too. What a great read aloud for your students - what a great book. Have a happy Easter!

  2. Out of My Mind is one of my very favorite books. I've used it for so many things. And it will be a great read aloud!

  3. Yes, Out of My Mind is good, Jennifer. Glad you found it! Have a wonderful time with all those homecomings! And have a good week back, too. Time to get back!

  4. Spring break and a whole lot of nothing is a whole lot of wonderful! So glad you'll have your family together and YES loved OOMM. I read it last year with my students. So powerful.

  5. I like the idea that you did a whole bunch of NOTHING during spring break. That must have felt great, Jennifer.

  6. So glad everyone is home safe and sound. Out of My Mind is AH-MAZING!!!! It makes an outstanding read aloud!!! I had the honor of hearing Sharon Draper speak this year. She's warm, brilliant, and everything you'd expect. Enjoying introducing your students to Melody!!!

  7. How wonderful that you are so connected with your kids and the important people in their lives. I love Out of my Mind - as does my daughter. Such a book!

  8. So happy to see some signs of spring. I ran around Lake Andrea a week ago and it was painfully cold. Glad we're thawing out!
    Love to see the pictures of your children!


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