Saturday, August 29, 2015

Celebrate This Week {8-29-15}

This week I celebrate:

* Returning to work.  It has been a long, long summer.  I do love the down time, but I am looking forward to returning to a routine.

* Ryan's acceptance into the University of Iowa.  This is only his first and we aren't even sure this is where he will end up going to college, but the first acceptance letter is very exciting.

* My ability to remain (mostly) positive during the crazy 'getting ready for school' week.  Schedules changed at the last minute, patience ran short, and sleep went missing....but I took lots of deep breaths, put a smile on my face, and remembered how blessed I am. 

* Prayers answered.

* Friends -- there when I need them them most, even when I don't realize that I do. (Yes...I'm talking about YOU! :)

I hope you had a great week with bountiful celebrations!


  1. Keeping a positive attitude when life gets crazy is HUGE! Congratulations to your son and good luck as you begin the school year!

  2. Congratulations to your son. It is a big pat on the back to receive that first one, Jennifer. Best wishes for a delightful beginning to your year, changes and all. Glad that you're glad to be back in the swing of it all.

  3. I am excited for the teacher work week to be over and to see the children come into the classrooms - that is what it is all about. Congrats to your son and your whole family.

  4. Congratulations to Ryan. That first acceptance letter I think really helps the applicant to relax.

  5. Yay for new beginnings and for prayers answered.

  6. So many wonderful things to celebrate! And congratulations to your son - bravo, Ryan!


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