Tuesday, October 13, 2015

90 Years {SOL 10-13-15}

Life has been a whirlwind lately.

Busy, busy, busy and always on the go it seems.

This past Sunday, the craziness culminated with a very important event:  the celebration of my stepfather's 90th birthday.

90 years of life...

90 years of family...

90 years of jobs, of friends, of holidays.

90 years of love, of cars, of service to your country.

90 years of vacations, of building houses, of Sunday dinners.

90 years of Sunday crossword puzzles, of Tom Clancy novels, of cheering on the Chicago Bears.

90 years....

So while my past few weeks may have been a whirlwind, I can only imagine how his past 90 years seem to him.

Happy birthday, Papa!


  1. Beautiful post, cake and picture.

  2. Life goes by at the speed of light. Congratulations to your stepfather!

  3. Happy Birthday - and what a cake to enjoy!

  4. Happy Birthday - and what a cake to enjoy!

  5. Love this! My husbands Nana is 97 - incredible to think about all those years of whirlwind!! What a great reason to slow down!


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