Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Give It Away {SOL 4.05.16}

Some things have lived here too long....

Gravy boats and Christmas trays
Once-favorite sweaters
Winter coats
A carpet cleaner
Lamps from living rooms past
Pants that are too short
Puzzles we no longer play
And much, much more.

We've lived in our home for 13 years and closet space is becoming an issue.  I told my husband that we have a "storage space problem."

He replied that we have a "too much stuff" issue.

Over spring break, I took the phrase 'spring cleaning' to heart and went through our closets. I took two loads of donations to the local Goodwill.

I'm trying to simplify.

If we haven't used it or worn it in the past year, chances are that we don't really need it anymore.  So why keep it?

Ahhhh....it feels good.

Here is today's haiku that was inspired by yesterday's Wonder of the Day on Wonderopolis, which was about fertilizer.

Grow Your Mind

The mind is made strong
With fertilizer of words
Found in books. So read!


  1. I am also slowing working on de-cluttering my house. Found bibs and baby pajamas, my youngest is 16 1/2, should have gotten rid of those years ago.

  2. Absolutely love the way you begin and end this slice with a poem! It does feel good to give it away! I've been doing the same, with my kids, too! They don't feel it nearly as much as I do! Fantastic slice today!

  3. I am working always to do this but think I need to tackle some more specific areas and fill up a trunk at a time! Your picture inspired me!

  4. Time for spring cleaning. I look at those shirts I "haven't" worn, and know I must pass them on, whether I like them or not. My house needs to lose a little weight too! You've inspired me, Jennifer. I just read Amy's fertilizer poem, and now yours. Love the connection to reading, then writing!

  5. Oh... I love to clean out. I have a two year rule with clothes and I do save our favorite puzzles and games. Maybe I still have a too much stuff problem! Love both poems!!

  6. Well, I have to admit when I read that the Wonder of the Day was about fertilizer I thought to myself what kind of poem can you write about fertilizer!!! Your poem is PERFECT! It may end up being posted in my classroom too, if you don't mind!

    Cleaning out and purging is one of my favorite hobbies. Of course, when something is missing I get the blame. Oh well...

  7. Cleaning and purging a house can feel so liberating! I'm glad you were able so spend the time over spring break doing just that!

  8. Cleaning out is always a lot of work but such a great feeling when done! I need to be doing that to my desk right now!

  9. Wow! Good for you! I bet that felt sooooo good to do. I feel that we've got too much 'stuff' and we've only been in the house for 6 months....ahhH!

  10. Inspiring and true. It's so hard to let go, but we feel so free once we do. "Fertilizer of words" - yes! Happy National Poetry Month!

  11. Doesn't it feel good?!?! LOVE the picture of the trunk. :)


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