Saturday, October 29, 2016

A Dinner Surprise

I drove home from school on Thursday, pondering what to make for dinner. My husband had been out of town all week, so it was just Kara and me. She had worked two nights after school this week already, which meant that I was alone and dinner could have been just about anything I could find in the fridge...or not. 

I was feeling like I needed to make some actual food for dinner, but it took me the whole 30 minute car ride home to think about what that would be and I still came up with nothing. 

Normally, my something-fast, nothing-fancy, go-to dinners would be a frozen pizza or grilled cheese, but I am trying to stay away from carbs so those wouldn't work. Maybe I could give her money to go grab something for herself from McDonalds and I'll just eat a cheese stick and hard boiled egg (again), I thought.

When I walked in the door, Kara was in the kitchen cutting up broccoli. This was an odd sight -- Kara doesn't usually cook. 

(And where did she get that broccoli?) 

Turns out she had planned dinner for the two of us. She even went to the store -- twice -- to get what she needed. That night, we feasted on grilled chicken, grilled pineapple steaks, and steamed broccoli, all prepared by Kara. "It's even low carb, mom," she smiled at me. She was proud of herself for planning and preparing a meal for us. 

So was I.


  1. Such a wonderful and thoughtful surprise. :)

  2. Oh how lovely this is. Broccoli needs to feature larger in my life!

  3. What a thoughtful daughter you have, Jennifer, and that meal sounds terrific! Hurrah for Kara!

  4. So sweet. Such a caring and thoughtful surprise. And yummy and healthy at the same time.

  5. Such a great post! This is what I love about blogging. Reading posts like this and for you being able to capture and keep the moments. Your daughter is a great young lady, probably got that from her mom!


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