Saturday, October 15, 2016

Celebrating a Visit {Celebrate This Week 10.15.16}

All week, I have been looking forward to Friday...and not for the usual reasons.

Yesterday, our son came home from college for his first visit. While it has only been two months since he's gone, it seems like two years.

Normally, college freshman don't make it home until Thanksgiving. However, Ry is in the UMN Marching Band and -- believe it or not -- they scheduled a concert for the weekend of Thanksgiving. (Seriously???) So he will come home on Thursday for Thanksgiving and then have to fly right back on Friday.

Since his Thanksgiving visit will be so short (and crazy busy, I'm sure) and since flights between Milwaukee and Minneapolis were about $120 round trip, we thought it would be okay for him to come home for the weekend.

And it is so good to have him here! Aside from spending time with him, he is making sure to eat up all the frozen pizzas, french fries, and pizza bagels that have been sitting in the freezer since he left. Ahhh....I'll get some space in my freezer back!

See....everybody wins!


  1. What a joy to have your son back at home. I can relate to this slice. I have both my older girls at home this weekend and my heart leaps and dances with happiness.

  2. Love that you get this time with your son, too. My son was in his college marching band, too, and they are so, so busy, I know. Enjoy the time, and thanks for taking time to share about your nice surprise, too!

  3. Funny ending...lots of smiles throughout! 😀

  4. Funny ending...lots of smiles throughout! 😀

  5. What bad timing for a band concert! But what a great visit for you...and freezer space as an added bonus!

  6. What a wonderful celebration-having your son back home. Marching bands have a busy life during holiday time but you figured out how to make the most of your time together. I hope you enjoyed your visit, Jennifer.


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