Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Leave Your Excuses at the Door (Literally) {SOL 11.07.17}

This past week, I spent four days in Nashville at Christy Wright's Business Boutique event. Christy is an advocate, teacher, and business expert whose work involves helping women start and grow businesses that they love.  (If you are trying to do the same, you will want to get to know Christy.)

Some of you may know that I left the classroom this past spring to start my own business, Teach Write,  which is dedicated to helping teachers teach writing.  This move is exciting, but it has launched me into a sea of uncertainty and doubt as well.
At one of the sessions, Christy talked about overcoming our fear and challenged us to stop making excuses that hold us back from bringing our dreams to fruition.

I am quite familar with both fear and excuses, but I am an exceptionally good excuse-maker.

"I must clean the bathroom before I write today."
"It's a bad time to make those cold calls because it's lunchtime."
"I need to do a little more research first."
"I don't know anything about running a business."

At the end of Christy's presentation, they passed out Post-Its and asked everyone to write their excuses down. Then, as we left for the day, we were to put the Post-Its up on the doors, literally leaving our excuses at the door.

 See the Post-Its on the glass doors?

This was a very powerful experience.

Not only did it help us call out our excuses and move them from the shadows into the light of awareness, it also showed us that other women's excuses and fears were also my own.

It reminded me that I am not alone.

What excuses are holding you back from doing something your heart has been calling you to do?

I encourage you to write them down and bring them out of the shadows into the light of awareness where you can walk right through them.


  1. Sounds like we are on a similar path. I, too, have left the classroom to write and also to assist teachers in teaching writing. Wishing you luck and fulfillment on your journey!

    The leave-your-excuses-at-the-door idea is truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Bravo to YOU! I didn't know that Teach Write was "new"! I feel like it's been around forever - maybe because it is such an inspiration for me as a writer and a teacher of writers! I applaud you for leaving your excuses at the door and following your own idea/dream and at the same time inspiring so many! Sorry I missed the chat last night - couldn't keep my eyes open! Yay YOU!! Keep it coming, Jennifer!

  3. There is so much I could comment on from your slice. I'm glad for the update about Teach Write and your new venture. I love the idea of leaving excuses at the door. And I am so glad that you spend time at this conference that sounds like it was well worth it!

  4. I might have to borrow that leave your excuses at the door idea with teachers and students!

  5. I love the idea of leaving your excuses at the door! I'm already jotting down ideas on sticky notes!

  6. We have seen so many principals do this -- also put them in a suitcase on the way in. Very powerful indeed!!
    Clare and Tammy

  7. Our human nature is to avoid something difficult with excuses. I'm glad you were able to physically leave your excuses at the door. A powerful way to bring home the message, no more excuses.


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