Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sounds of Summer {SOL 8-12-14}

Summer is coming to an end.  This is not a secret, especially to teachers and students who are getting ready to go back to school.
This summer, I have captured some wonderful pictures of life around me on my phone.  As I look back on them, they remind me of some precious moments that my mind may have already forgotten.

Recently, I have found myself using my phone to capture moments in another way.  Using the Voice Memo app on my phone, I have been making audio recordings of life around me.

The other day on my walk, I walked past a stream that runs alongside the road.  That day, there was water running in the stream and it was making the most wonderful babbling sound.  I pulled my phone out of my pocket and stopped to record about 30 seconds of it.

Last week, I was reading on my patio.  The sprinkler was running, watering my perennial garden a short distance away.  Again, I pulled out my phone and recorded the sound of the sprinkler.  When I went back and listened to it, I also heard birds chirping and a lawnmower in the distance.

I have also recorded the morning rain from my front porch swing and the sound of my dog snoring as she slept on my lap.  Each recording I make is short and very unique, just like a picture.

What will I do with these recordings?  Probably nothing more than go back and listen to them once in awhile, the way I look at those pictures.  

But they will also bring back good memories of a time when I stopped and slowed down to listen to life around me.

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for this wonderful opportunity to capture this moment of life.


  1. What a great idea. I always claim to be an auditory learner, not a visual learner. In reality I am probably both, but I've never considered recording moments of sound. I love it and want to figure out how I can do this, too.

  2. Beautiful idea, Jennifer. Sounds bring memories right back, too, just like the pictures. When the snow is heavy, you can pull out the phone & listen to that stream, the birds, and on. Love the thought-poetry in action!

  3. This is the way to keep summer alive all year long. You can savor those sounds when the winds howl and snow blows.

  4. What an interesting idea to have audio recordings of life around you. I have taken pictures and written about my summer but the sounds seem even more vivid. You can just close your eyes and take yourself back to the moment you wish. These recordings can also work as seeds for writing.

  5. And here's a suggestion. Why not move from photo to video on your phone and capture sound and image. Enjoy your school year :)

  6. Clips are stories too and are just as important. And what a wonderful way to go and relive summer - especially on those dark winter days ahead. You will be glad you kept them!

  7. Love this idea! Sights can be amazing, but usually in those moments, I close my eyes and listen. The sounds bring back the memories. I need to do more of this ... right now, I hear the ocean waves of my girls' sound machine, my husband quietly snoring, the laughter on the TV and the clicking of my keys on the keyboard. Your recordings will be perfect for those crazy moments when you need to take a 30 second break to regroup -- listen, relax and be refreshed! Smart thinking!


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