Saturday, August 30, 2014

Celebrating My To Do List {8-20-14}

School begins on Tuesday and I am in a good place.

I have my "To Do List" to thank for this.

All week long, I have been getting ready for school to begin, adding both large and small tasks to my list of things I need to finish.  Tasks from "make copies" to "first week lesson plans."

As the week progressed, I was very diligent in making sure that a task was completed before moving on to the next one.

You see, in the past I have been the kind of person who has twenty balls up in the air at the same time.  I spend so much of my mental energy trying to keep those balls from falling down on my head that I don't get anything really finished.

The result?  Lots of stress.

But not this year.

This year, I am ready.

That is definitely worth celebrating.


  1. You are a great role model for those of us who still have lots of balls in the air!~

  2. Good for you. I hope you will write more about this in the weeks to come and keep us posted and inspired.

  3. I love lists, but I also love balls. Lists keep me sane, but the balls are so much fun to toss around. You sound like you have made your peace with this. Good for you! Here's to sanity and less anxiety.

  4. "This year, I am ready." YES, that is definitely worth celebrating!!! Way to go!

  5. Oh, I spent many years with all those balls flying around, dodging them, and praying to get everything done. I celebrate your diligence! Have a great first week.

  6. Yep, I would be one of those multiple ball people! My list this weekend is so long, and I don't even think a long weekend will do much for it! Good luck on Tuesday. I am sure all of your organization and list making will be a huge benefit!

  7. Good luck with the year and the new strategy. It is hard to have too many balls in the air.


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