Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fly {SOL 1-06-15}

Thank you to the ladies at Two Writing Teachers for hosting A Slice of Life!
It's so exciting and inspiring to read everyone's OLW for 2015.  As I read blog posts and Tweets, the stories of how we chose our OLW -- or how it chose us -- reaffirm how important this little word can be in our day to day lives.

My OLW for this new year is FLY.
I had  settled on another OLW before this little word found me.  As I was writing one day, a few days before the new year, this word whispered in my ear and I knew right away that this was the one word I had to have.

2014 was a good year for me.  My OLW2014 was FORWARD and move forward I did!

Now, in 2015, I am ready to keep moving forward and FLY.

Here is a poem I wrote on New Year's Day as I reflected on my new OLW:

Step away
from the known,
           the safe,
           the sure,
           the secure.

You have stayed there too long.
      Grown too comfortable,
           too complacent,
              too connected.

Test your wings.

Scoot to the end of the branch
                       {That's were the fruit is}
Take an affirming breath, be brave --

And jump.

                  Your fall will be short.

The breeze will lift you,
Your wings will carry you,
The clouds will welcome you.

And you will remember....
            The amazing grace,
            The unique talents
            The unwavering perseverance
That helped you grow those wings.

All it takes is
     A little bravery
     A little faith
     A little push
          {if necessary}

And you will


Wishing YOU a day full of flight!


  1. I love these lines... What an image they make!
    Scoot to the end of the branch
    {That's were the fruit is}
    Take an affirming breath, be brave --

    Scoot and be brave!!

  2. Love this line, too: "Take an affirming breath, be brave --"
    what a perfect OLW!

  3. I like the part after "And you will remember", Jennifer. It's a good clear word. For some reason I thought of that funny picture book Flight School. Do you know it? There are some lessons to consider in it, along with laughing and being comfortable with who one is. Happy New Year!

  4. Another blogger chose this word, too! I hope she sees your beautiful poem. I have a feeling FLY will treat you well.

  5. I LOVE the poem!!! I love that we share the same OLW. I can't wait to see where the word takes the both of us. Interesting that we both write about the word "finding us" at the last minute. Hmmm....wonder if there's any meaning in that?!?! :)

  6. What a beautiful poem to support your takeoff for this new year! A great word that will take you places! Enjoy the flight! (Love the graphic you created too!)


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