Saturday, September 19, 2015

Celebrate This Week {9-19-15}

For the past 100 weeks, Ruth Ayres has provided us this opportunity to reflect on and celebrate our weeks.  It is quite a milestone.  Thank you Ruth!
Last week, Ruth wrote about getting rid of the word "should" in our lives.  Maybe you know that word and the effect it has on you.

I sure do.

This week, I listened hard for all the "shoulds" that I keep telling myself.  I never realized exactly how often I said this word to myself as a way of trying to make myself do something--and then feeling guilty when I don't.

     I should make something for dinner other than pizza.
     I should go in early to finish those plans.
     I should not be watching TV, but should be reading instead.
     I should really get going on that science unit.
     I should get the garden cleaned out.
     I should be doing something other than just sitting tonight.
     My school day should feel normal by now.

Now that I'm aware of how often I use that word, I can do something about it.

Be gentler with myself.

Release myself of guilt.

Recognize the choices I have.

Reclaim my power.

Understanding all of this has been completely eye-opening and actually quite freeing.  I am so thankful for Ruth's words last week.

And for this, I celebrate.


  1. Sounds like your week was filled with self realization and examination which has led to relaxation. And relaxation is always a good reason for celebration.

  2. I've read more than one article that speaks of women especially trying to do too much, wanting perfection all the time. Perhaps it is our society's expectation, I don't know, but your words ring true as did Ruth's, time to get rid of the 'shoulds'. Wow, Jennifer, wonderful reflections all week. I hope you have a lovely weekend of the things you choose to do.

  3. Another cool thing about reading other people's celebration posts is that we definitely find things we can relate to and apply unto our own lives. Glad Ruth's words resonated with you.

  4. Ah the dreaded "shoulds"!!! I have been battling them more than ever this year. Thank you for this reminder to defeat the "shoulds"!!!! Always love your celebrations, friend!!

  5. Wow, Jennifer. I'm humbled to be part of your celebration today. It is freeing when we release ourselves of "should." Funny thing, some weeks I'm good at it and others I'm not. I guess that's all part of the journey.

  6. Thank you for sharing this. I have been so bad at keeping up lately and missed Ruth's words. Your post has me thinking about how often I do this to myself. I need to go back to read Ruth's post as well. Good luck releasing yourself of the "shoulds" I think I will take on this challenge as well. Have a great week!

  7. Ruth really made me think about shoulder too this week. I left school earlier than I would have otherwise on Friday. It was nice. I still saw all of the shoulds in the room, but walked away to refresh myself.

  8. I have the "should" affliction. Thank you for the reminder. We need to consider Choice Words for ourselves.

  9. Banishing the "shoulds" is a challenge. It does feel so much lighter when you get the weight of "should" off your shoulders. Cheers to choices and power!

  10. A few years, I read Byron Katie's book and came to understand that the word "should" sets up all kinds of expectations that we make of ourselves and others, and leads to bitter disappointment when the "shoulds" don't match reality. Since then, I have tried to avoid "should" and focus on "what is."


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