Saturday, September 12, 2015

Waiting for the 'Flow' {Celebrate 9-12-15}

I'll be honest....the beginning of this year is kicking my butt.

Getting back into the swing of things at school, figuring out my daily schedule, making sure there is dinner to be had and that laundry is done,  standing all day, keeping my students all headed the same direction, trying to plan engaging lessons...all of it is making me want to head straight back to summer.

But I can't.

I know this happens at the beginning of every year, but just like the pain of childbirth, I tend to forget about it after it passes.  And it's probably a good thing that I do, otherwise I probably couldn't bring myself to repeat it every September.

The good news is that I know that soon, everything will click.  Soon, everything will make sense as I can head out the door and go through my day without having to think about these things too much.  My brain will be freed up to focus on different, more creative and exciting things. I won't come home exhausted and cranky.  My feet will be used to standing all day and walking around in something other than sandals.  I will have found my groove.

I know this will happen because it happens every year.

The 'flow' -- this good stuff -- I remember.

I am glad that I do.  And for this, I celebrate.


  1. Oh my! I could have written these words...I feel exactly the same way! The flow will return! :) It has to!!!

  2. Soon. When is soon coming again? I think many people find this so easy to connect to! Thanks for your honesty.

  3. I do remember 'soon', too, Jennifer. Hoping this week will flow in a more contented way.

  4. I only subbed two days this past week and I can so identify with your post. Hope your find your groove and the flow returns soon. The beginning is so hard!

  5. Glad that you are in the flow. I am still lingering in summer but that is because I am excited that the Summer Splashings Gallery that I designed is up and filled with many digital inspirations from around the world. Enjoy your flow, Jennifer, and the start of school.


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