Saturday, January 16, 2016

Choosing to See the Good {Celebrate 1-16-16}

It has been one heck of a week.

Lots of things happened that might make this week go down as one of the worst ever -- if I chose to look at it this way.

But I won't.  Instead I will choose to see the positives.  I will celebrate those:

I celebrate trust.

I celebrate the truth.

I celebrate honesty.

I celebrate acceptance.

I celebrate forgiveness.

I celebrate redemption.

I celebrate new beginnings.

I celebrate strength.

I celebrate patience.

I celebrate love.


  1. I really like the graphic Jennifer because it holds such a powerful statement. I can definitely connect it with my #OLW believe.

  2. Hurray that you could find the positives to celebrate after "one heck of a week." Ruth's weekly celebration calls us to find the positives amid the challenges. Here's to a great week ahead of moving forward!

  3. Some weeks sure can be hard. Isn't it nice to have a space where you can celebrate anyway?!

  4. Making a list helps see so many good things. I love that "keep moving forward" too.

  5. I like the graphic too.
    I hope you do keep going forward.
    Especially since it's too cold to go for those walks!

  6. Celebrating love seems to make everything that much better. Hope this week goes a little smoother for you.

  7. The arrow is a perfect graphic. So glad you are able to see the good.

  8. I celebrate YOU. I celebrate your grace. I celebrate your positive attitude. I celebrate YOU, my friend!!!!


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