Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cooking Lessons Gone Wrong {SOL 9.06.16}

My children come from a long line of seasoned cooks, bakers and kitchen experimenters. For us, FOOD = LOVE and if I cook for you, I really like you.

But it wasn't until we were getting my son ready to go away to college that it dawned on me that I never really taught him how to make his way around the kitchen. He took a cooking class a his freshman year in high school, but that pretty much taught him how to master the microwave. (I am NOT kidding...microwave cinnamon rolls???)

His cooking lessons will have to wait until next summer, but it's not too late for my daughter to learn.

Her lessons began last night -- Chicken fajitas were on the menu. A great start!

I had picked some peppers from the garden to use -- two red sweet peppers and a spicy green poblano. I unearthed an onion and was excited that all of the veggies would be homegrown.

I showed my daughter how to clean the onion, cutting off the root and peeling off the papery layer of outer skin. Then I showed her how to clean the seeds from the red pepper and how to slice it.

She set the onion aside and started with the red pepper. She carefully scooped the seeds, cut the membrane and sliced the pepper into strips.

Next, came the poblano. As she was slicing, she noticed that this pepper smelled spicier. The fumes from the pepper tickled the her nose and throat, causing her to sneeze. She grabbed a tissue to wipe her nose, washed her hands, and went back to work.

A minute later, she noticed her nose was starting to burn...the oils from the poblano had gotten on her skin. Ouch! She must have touched her arm as well because that was burning too.

Next came the onion...and you know what happens when you slice an onion.  Yep, the crying
got her too.

Soon she could no longer see clearly (thanks to the onion) or breathe without burning (thank you, poblano).  I sent her away and told her I would finish.

Kara's first cooking lesson was pretty painful. I'm not sure she will be excited to join me in the kitchen for lessons again anytime soon.

Maybe we will stick to desserts for awhile.


  1. What precious time together! Desserts will certainly lure her back into the kitchen! Loved hearing about this lesson. Such fun!!

  2. Yep, maybe desserts are key, first. It is fun to hear about the experience, though, & that you want her to begin learning. Your son may only need a microwave for a while!

  3. Oh dear - this is a cooking lesson you will both remember for a long time!

  4. Oh dear - this is a cooking lesson you will both remember for a long time!

  5. It is one you (or she) will never forget!! Cooking is really about the memories. My mom and mother in law both made a cook book for us that not only has the recipe, but a story to go with each one - anecdote, funny memory or how it came to be. This is certainly one for the books!!

    Thanks for the laugh

  6. Well, her cooking lessons can only get better from here on out, right? Your time was well spent together regardless. I can't wait to read about the next lesson!!!

  7. At least your daughter is in the kitchen. My big failure as a mom!

  8. Sounds like your daughter might sign up for that microwaving class like her brother!


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