Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A Warm Day in February {SOL 2.07.17}

A warm day in February

An unexpected surprise from Mother Nature

The sweet scent of fresh air through the open crack of a window

The heavy sweater stays in the closet

Bright sunshine casts shadows of tiny bodies running from slide to swings

Chatty geese rest on open water

A much-needed walk after school

The hope that soon we will have more days like

This warm day in February.


  1. What beautiful poem to capture a February surprise. We had a similar day right here in PA too. It was magical!

  2. Awesome poem. You captured the essence of a warm day in February. I love those kind of days. When the air is clean and fresh and the sun is shining. :)

  3. A day to remember in poetry when the snow begins to fly again. We had the gift of a lovely day too.

  4. A warm day in February's words warm me up because it is damp and cold on Long Island. Enjoy life, Jennifer. You gave me a chance to enjoy your day so thank you.

  5. We had a beautiful day here in the Washington, D.C. area! Love these words: 'shadows of tiny bodies running from slide to swings'. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hmmmm--I think we picked up 4-5 inches of snow here in Maine today. Ah, well. I'm glad you enjoyed the warm day and shared it with us.

  7. Loved this poem ... and hoping that weather is coming our way. Snow, sleet and wind here today in Boston.
    This line grabbed me: The sweet scent of fresh air through the open crack of a window.

    Thanks for the breath of fresh air in your poem.

  8. Isn't this weather crazy for February! We are going from 60 degrees to snow in 24 hours. Yes, we even cracked our windows today.

  9. Lovely mixture of nature & people, Jennifer. Might there be a companion piece in the works: "A Cold Day in February"? :)

  10. Loved this! Favorite line: "Chatty geese rest on open water." I could hear them. And I like Brian's idea for a companion piece. Somehow I think there may still be a cold day in February headed your way.


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