Saturday, February 4, 2017

What You Look For, You Find

January and February are tough months for me. The long, dark days and lack of sunshine weigh on me like a heavy quilt. It would be easy to succumb to the gloomy, doomy days of winter and be a crab all the time.

But that won't help.

Instead, I am trying to stay focused on thinking positively and focusing on the blessings of my life instead of my stressings.

This has been a week of many blessings, both personal and professional:

* My daughter surprised me at school on Thursday with a belated birthday visit. She brought cookies, balloons, and flowers and hung out with us for awhile. My students loved seeing her too (especially since she brought cookies).
* I found out that I will be a presenter at two conferences this summer, All Write in Indiana (!!!!) and the USM Summer Spark conference in Milwaukee. I will be sharing a project I've done at my school called "The Cartonera Project: Every Student an Author" which is a celebration of writing and of the growth of our student writers over time.

* I have been chosen to be a peer reviewer of articles for The Wisconsin English Journal, a publication of the Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English.

* The sun came out TWO days in a row!!

* We held a Twitter chat (#EDG507) on Wednesday night for one of the university courses I am teaching and it went very well. It's exciting to watch teachers learn about the power of a PLN!

How is your winter going? If you are feeling the weight of the season, I encourage you to take a moment and look for the good in your world. Remember...what you look for, you find.


  1. Your title is so, so true. What we look for, we do find and I see that every day in my students, my colleagues, and even myself. Congratulations on your wonderful blessings! I can't wait to hear more.

  2. Congratulations on your summer presenter opportunities! Great wisdom in your final sentence: "Remember...what you look for, you find." Practical application: On these winter days, when the sun comes out, I do not look closely at my wood floors.

  3. Look forward to seeing you at AllWrite (I won a free registration last summer!)

  4. I certainly agree that 'what you look for, you find', Jennifer. We are lucky here in Colorado. Unless there is a snowy or frosty day, it's always sunny. I grew up in Missouri, so I do know about those grey days, though. Congratulations for all the good things you've been tapped for. That is just wonderful. Have a good weekend, and maybe a bit more birthday celebrating?

  5. Lovely that you will be presenting at All Write - it falls on the last week of school for us, sadly.

  6. I really struggle with winter, too - it gets so grey and dark and gloomy here, it can just be so hard. But wow - you have so many amazing things to celebrate - those presentations in particular sound so exciting!!

  7. Hooray!!! So much to celebrate! I'm so excited for your presentations at both of those conferences. How exciting!! Woo Hoo!

  8. Congratulations on your upcoming presentations! And happy belated birthday!

  9. Balloons and cookie cake! Happy Birthday! I'm glad you are finding ways to celebrate this week.

  10. How wonderful that you had a week of marvelous celebrations, Jennifer. Happy Birthday and congratulations on being an upcoming presenter at the conference.


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