Saturday, May 23, 2015

Celebrating this Week {5-23-15}

Thank you to Ruth Ayres for hosting this weekly celebration of life!
This week, I celebrate...

* The risk I took 10 weeks ago to give up using the Accelerated Reader program in my classroom and just encourage the kids to read.  Read anything...books, magazines, comics, non-fiction, fiction.  I don't care about the level of the book, as long as you feel you understand it.   There will be no quizzes to take when you finish a book.  The result?  A classroom full of readers who are much more relaxed and focused on enjoying reading for reading's sake.

* My student, M, who embraced this go-ahead to read anything....and did!  When he came to me, he was reading at a second grade level.  He is an English Language Learner and has some speech and/or language concerns (he didn't talk until he was six), but he has exploded as a reader this year.  He constantly asks if he can read one of my 'special' books (the ones I keep behind my desk to keep track of who is reading them) and devours them.  He loves to come and talk to me about what he is reading and can't get enough.  I couldn't be more proud of him!

* Four days of school are left.  I am not celebrating the fact that school will be over, but that summer will be arriving and that means time will become slower and horizontal again and I will be able to focus on my reading, writing and own learning.

What are you celebrating this week?  Head on over to Ruth's blog and share.


  1. We don't use the AR program, but I've seen enough words of dismay from it that I'm glad you took the steps to read anything instead. It seems that it worked beautifully, & you'll be sending your students off knowing that reading is "reading anything" and enjoying your choices. Have a wonderful last week, Jennifer!

  2. What a difference choice can make in the joy of reading. May the last four days of school have good times in the company of books.

  3. I love that - time as slow and horizontal. Yes, that's what makes it a special time. Bravo for taking the plunge into choice based reading, you will never look back.

  4. Yay you! Giving in to just reading opens the door for many. Love this liberation.

  5. Love that you made this decision for your readers! AR isn't used here in BC that I know of anyway. I know that my classroom is full of readers and it is also full of books and choice!

  6. It is wonderful that you took a risk and your students have reaped such rewards from your leap.


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