Saturday, May 2, 2015

Unrealized Fears {Celebrate this Week 5-02-15}

The day that I had been putting off had arrived.

Six months ago, my dentist told me I need to have a skin graft on my gum to repair an area where the tissue had become thin.  "It won't be fun," he told me.  (Really???  Thanks for the encouragement...)

SKIN GRAFT...just the sound of it makes me want to run and hide.

I put off making the consultation with the oral surgeon.  I cancelled my appointment two times.  Finally, I went.

As time drew near to the day of the surgery, I had built up in my mind what a horrible experience this would be.  Pain...Not eating...Pain...Not talking...

        {Did I mention the pain?}

On Wednesday, I had that surgery and you know what?  It was okay.

I survived.

I made it through.

I didn't feel much pain. (Thanks to modern medicine and a pharmacist husband to made sure I took my meds on time.)

Was it fun?  No.

Could I do it again if I had to? Yes.

As it sometimes is, I had built this experience up into something that it never would become.  I had let my fear take over and control me.  This experience reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Nelson Mandela:
I am glad it is over and I am glad that my fears were unrealized.  And for that, I celebrate.


  1. Oh my goodness!!! This post was hard to read, but I'm so glad it went well and there was little pain!!! What a perfect quote by Mandela too! :)

  2. I'm going to share your story with the assistant principal at my school. She has to have something that sounds similar and she is really nervous. Thinking your story might encourage her.

  3. I'm so glad you did it, and now it's past-whew! I've done this before, built things up until I could hardly bear thinking about it. I guess our students do too, don't they? You've given us a lesson, Jennifer, & I'm happy for you that it is past! Thanks!

  4. Usually the celebration posts are full of things I wish had happened to me. Um, well, not yours, but I am so glad you made it through. My daughter needs to have this done and she is putting it off mostly because of the expense.

  5. It does sound bad. I don't blame you for delaying it! So glad it was not as bad as you thought!

  6. Hearing the words "It won't be fun" from a dentist is enough to scare even a brave person! So glad it turned out fine and wasn't as bad as expected. Have a great Sunday!


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